2020 Summer Solstice Grand Tableau

Every six months on the solstice I do a Grand Tableau reading to look at potential circumstances over the next two quarters. This one for the 2020 Summer Solstice is especially interesting because it allowed me to use a technique I very seldom need to apply: that of transposition as described in Caitlin Mathhews’ book The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook. When the significator (in my case the Gentleman) falls at one of the borders of the layout such that use of proximity is truncated on one side, rather than simply voiding the reading it is possible to “transpose” cards from the opposite side of the tableau to fill the empty positions. In the present reading, the significator landed on the right border, offering no forward-looking developmental dimension whatsoever. While it is still possible to use techniques like knighting, intersection and mirroring to a limited extent, the “near/far” utility of the GT is compromised.

2020 Summer Solstice GT #1.JPG
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The Gentleman is partially surrounded by the Rider, the Moon and the Mice, with no cards to the right or below. The diminished interpretation suggests that the current pandemic will erode (Mice) the opportunity to advance in my professional divination career (Moon). We will get to the significance of the Rider presently. The Gentlemen knights to the Anchor, the House and the Clover, showing that I am firmly-and-fortunately situated in my present household. The Gentleman both mirrors and intersects with the Dog and the Bouquet, implying that I will be assisted  (Dog) in my aspirations (Moon) via an offer or invitation of some kind (Bouquet). The Gentleman mirrors the Scythe on the diagonal with the Moon and Lady between them, indicating that my wife will have something to say about just how much undivided attention I’m able to give to my avocation. In and of itself, the Rider is a neutral card since it is only a messenger and not a harbinger of action; it is preceded by the Ring and the Letter, suggesting a verbal promise (Rider) of some kind of forthcoming written (Letter) agreement or contract (Ring). It is entirely possible that the chance to move forward on selling our rural property (as described in a number of previous readings) may finally come to fruition.

2020 Summer Solstice GT #2

To complete the nine-card square around the Gentleman and give it a little “breathing room,” I transposed the Cross, the Bouquet and the Whips from the left side of the layout and the Mountain and the Dog from the very top. I could also have moved the Scythe along the diagonal from the upper border instead of the Whips, but they are both unpleasant cards and it’s a toss-up whether I want to be butchered or bludgeoned. Since movement along the horizontal and vertical axes is more typical, I went with the Whips.

2020 Summer Solstice GT #3.JPG

This mini-tableau makes me think I’m in the cross-hairs. The Cross and the Mountain literally describe being “between a rock and a hard place” and the Moon and Whips could mean that my reputation or sense of honor will take a beating, while the Mice and the Dog downgrade the benefit of any support I might receive from friends. Only the Rider and the Bouquet follow up on the promise of an offer shown in the larger spread, but the Rider’s message is soured by knighting from the Cross and the Whips, possibly indicating some onerous negotiations. On the plus side, the Moon knights to the Bouquet and the Dog, so something rewarding may still come of a brokered (Dog) invitation (Bouquet). However, the Dog is “pinched” between the Mountain and the Whips while knighting to the Cross, so the advantage of any opportunity may be muted and the obstacles to realization forbidding (Bouquet knights to Mountain). While this isn’t a legitimate 3×3 square with four discrete corners, we might say that Moon + Cross + Whips + Mountain warn of a “tough row to hoe” in the realm of work. I’m bracing for a bumpy ride.

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    On Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 2:33 PM Parsifal’s Wheel Tarot & Astrology wrote:

    > parsifalswheeldivination posted: “Every six months on the solstice I do a > Grand Tableau reading to look at potential circumstances over the next two > quarters. This one for the 2020 Summer Solstice is especially interesting > because it allowed me to use a technique I very seldom need to app” >

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