A “Human Dynamics” Situational Posture Spread

When I worked in corporate business, one of the major preoccupations of senior management was assessing the influence of “human factors” (which really meant human strengths and weaknesses as addressed in policies and procedures) on company performance. In tarot terms, the posture we assume in any situation is similarly affected by the “human dynamics” attending our response, whether in the form of other people we must deal with or as our own attitudes and behaviors. This spread looks at these reactionary stances in four areas: elemental Fire, Water, Air and Earth, respectively involving enterprise and initiative, communal or individual feelings, decision-making scenarios and utilitarian considerations. It may be useful for those involved in corporate culture or career survival situations. I extracted this quote from an earlier post of mine on Elemental Dignities:

“In terms of “elemental personalty,” Fire is assertive and can be reckless; Water is languid until agitated, upon which it can be implacable; Air is critical and excitable; Earth is imperturbable and slow to act.”

Human Dynamics Situatiuonal Posture Spread

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