Trumps As Situational “Wallpaper”

This is a follow-up to my observation that, rather than foretelling inevitable events of a life-altering nature, the trump cards most often serve as profound “background themes” or big-picture “stage-setters” for the minor-card actors, much like a theater backdrop. They invoke a climate that is ripe for certain occurrences, but the querent must still command the available forces (“strike while the iron is hot”) or miss the best chance for decisive action. Here I’m attempting to come up with a descriptive vignette for each one that reflects possible incentives or disincentives of a particular type. Note that these aphorism reflect my own esoteric take on the Major Arcana; you may have other preferences.

Fool: An adventurous spirit enters the matter; it’s no time to hang back, but be careful
Magician: Pay meticulous attention to detail; remain nimble, adroit and resourceful
High Priestess: A time for silence; keep your opinions and intentions to yourself
Empress: Harmony prevails, relax and enjoy it while it lasts
Emperor: A time to get your affairs in order, stand firm in your ways and “hold the line”
Hierophant: Cultivate conservatism and caution; seek sage advice and keep the faith
Lovers: A crossroads looms ahead, offering a high road and a low road; choose wisely
Chariot: Victory in all practical matters is indicated; capitalize on the opportunity
Strength: Self-control is vital at this time; “play to your strengths” and don’t over-reach
Hermit: Incites prudence and detachment; keep your own counsel and look out for #1
Wheel of Fortune: A mixed omen; Dame Fortune smiles, that is unless she decides to frown
Justice: “Just desserts” are on the menu; try to be worthy and not wanting in virtue
Hanged Man: A time for patience and introspection; bide your time and “hang in there”
Death: A necessary disengagement portends a new direction; “go with the flow”
Temperance: A time to adapt and adjust, exercising discretion and  finesse
Devil: Deception and manipulation threaten now; don’t be naive at this time
Tower: A stormy, unstable period is at hand that may yet bring opportunity, although with the risk of misfortune
Star: The stars align, be ready to “catch the wave”
Moon: A clouded interval of moody uncertainty lingers
Sun: Bright prospects abound for calm waters and smooth sailing
Judgement: A “wake-up call” of some kind grows likely
World: The end is near, fortunate or otherwise

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