A “Lenormand Lozenge” Example Reading

I performed this example reading for my "Lenormand Lozenge" 24-card tableau. This is the Blue Owl Lenromand. My question was "What are the implications, complications and risks of staying on my current path?" All images © Konigsfurt-Urania "Ground Zero" in this spread lies on the "Awareness Horizon" between the four "A" alphanumeric cards; here they … Continue reading A “Lenormand Lozenge” Example Reading

Stretchable Positions

No, I'm not talking about yoga or the Kama Sutra. Yesterday on the Tarot Professionals Facebook page Marcus Katz mentioned the notion of adjusting the meanings of spread positions according to the cards that land in them. I wasn't able to look at his full explanation because it's on the paid part of the site, … Continue reading Stretchable Positions

Stepping Back: A “Roll Them Bones” Situational-Awareness Reading

I decided that, as of today, I will be backing off from publicly posting on the status of certain missing-person cases in New Hampshire because of the volatility of the issue, especially if criminal activity is suspected. (I will continue working on "cold cases" and less provocative scenarios.) Although I've been careful about maintaining discretion … Continue reading Stepping Back: A “Roll Them Bones” Situational-Awareness Reading

The “Fool’s Itinerary” Success Path Spread

This spread assumes that there are two ways to contemplate the likely success of any endeavor: the "easy way" and the "hard way." It includes a three-card planning stage, a "trigger" card and a choice of paths dictated by the orientation of the trigger card, either upright or reversed. It is necessary to allow reversals … Continue reading The “Fool’s Itinerary” Success Path Spread

Public vs. Private – A Matter of Ethics

I was recently asked whether the missing-person readings I do were requested by the families or loved ones of the missing individuals; the implication was that I might be flouting ethical standards if I don't first obtain the "green light." I decided when I started exploring them a couple of years ago that, because these … Continue reading Public vs. Private – A Matter of Ethics