A “Perfect Storm” Relationship Reading

To test my “Perfect Storm” new-relationship spread, I decided to look at what the complexion of the US Congress will be after the 2020 elections. For the Significator cards, I used the Rorig Tarot (Spanish Edition) with the Caballero (King) de Espadas for the Republican contingent and the Caballero (King) de Copas for the Democrats. The Caballero (King) de Oros came up randomly as the central “focus” card. (Note that this deck is Thoth-based, so the old Knights dethrone the Kings of the RWS deck, and the Princes become the new Knights.)

For the Republicans’ “behavioral blueprint” I chose the RWS-based Mystical Tarot, and for the Democrats’ profile I picked the RWS-based Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot; I allowed reversals in both cases.

All images © Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy and Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury MN

The message of the three Significators could not be clearer: both sides harbor the aspirations of “the Man Who Would Be King.” However, neither one is well-positioned to get there.

The Republican’s agenda, which should be one of “taking the fight to the enemy,” is beset with internal strife (5 of Wands reversed). Their “cross to bear” is a conflicted message and misguided bravado (Knight of Swords reversed). Their “public face” is one of questionable priorities that create anxiety (9 of Swords), while their “first step” into the new cycle may be one in which many of them “sail home” (6 of Swords reversed). The Republican’s “engagement” card is the 2 of Swords, reflecting zero cooperation. This card is elementally unfriendly to the Caballero de Oros.

The Democrats’ agenda, which should be to court the youth vote, is undermined by that constituency’s self-absorbed indifference (Page of Cups reversed); this card could also indicate that female voters are edging away from them. Their unfulfilled opportunity is that the Black demographic is beginning to look askance at them (King of Pentacles reversed). Their “public face” is one of  blatant obstructionism (8 of Swords), and their “first step” is a faltering one; they have a “hole in their bucket” (4 of Cups reversed) and can’t deliver full measure. The Democrats’ “engagement” card is also the 2 of Swords, but this time reversed; if anything it is even more antagonistic to the King of Coins.

The two “engagement” cards remind me of a pair of sulky men with their arms crossed, their noses in the air and their backs to one another. In short, nothing is likely to change in our dysfunctional political system. Once again, the voters have no good choices, but if I had to guess I would say that the Democrats’ feet may be yanked out from under them by the the flight of their core support due to the relentless contrarian behavior that places politics before people..

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