“Reopening America” – A Lenormand Tableau Reading

I used my new 24-card Lenormand tableau (the “Lenormand Lozenge,” posted earlier) to ask what the consequences would be of reopening business and recreational venues on a nationwide basis in the United States in the near future. This is the Old Style Lenormand deck.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The essence of the reading is shown by the four alphanumeric cards of the “inner diamond” – The Lady (A1); the Ship (A2); the Sun (A3) and the Garden (A4). The suggestion is that “Lady Liberty” will sail on (Lady+Ship) despite the lingering risk, bringing joy and good fortune  (Sun) to the populace (Garden). But there is much more to the story.

The horizontal axis (the “Awareness Horizon”) shows that widespread “work at home” (House+Moon) would become a thing of the past, and that uncertainties (Clouds) would diminish although anxieties would persist (Mice). But with House and Moon mirroring Mice and Clouds, respectively, those conclusions may be premature, especially with Moon knighting to High Tower and Clover reflecting the advisability of continuing the current practice of workplace isolation; High Tower mirroring Clover reinforces this perception.

House knighting to Dog and Fox shows that we would like to trust the experts (Dog) that we can come out of our holes (House), but misrepresentation of the risks (Fox) might bite us if we do. Dog also knights to Bouquet and Storks (we want to believe in the legitimacy of the proposal to move forward), but Fox knighting to Coffin exacerbates the unreliability inherent in the “Coffin mirrors Bouquet” combination. Fox knighting to Scythe could drive that point home with merciless precision.

The vertical axis seems to be saying that the government (Lady) sees a well-founded opportunity (Bouquet+Anchor) for moving beyond the “stuck” scenario shown by the adjacent Anchor-Ship combination (a literal “drag on enterprise”) as it relates to local travel (Birds), the main bone of contention for the public. However, with Bouquet mirroring Coffin, that possibility may be stillborn. On the developmental side of the spread, Clouds knighting to the mirrored combination of Ring and Cross implies that the burden (Cross) of doubt and confusion (Clouds) could render that commitment (Ring) untenable. Heart mirrors Mountain, bracketing the Garden and implying a communal “heavy heart,” while Mice knighting to both further erodes any untoward optimism and perpetuates a state of “high anxiety.” The populace (Garden) consciously expects a hard road ahead (Cross+Mountain above) but secretly harbors expectations for a happier and more rewarding arrangement (Heart+Ring below).

The “middle diamond” of Anchor (B1) + Birds (B2) + Sun (B3) + Clouds (B4) describes the doubt (Clouds) and stress (Birds) we face in leaving our present state of relative stability (Anchor), but the Sun is “driving the bus” and brooks no pessimism. The entire series of cards Anchor-Mountain-Clouds-Heart-Birds-Fox-Sun-Dog shows an unsettled and unpromising forecast giving way to confidence (at least in some quarters) in an agreeable outcome. (Alternatively, reading this series counterclockwise shows early enthusiasm giving way to hardship.)

The “outer diamond” of Bouquet (C1) + Coffin (C2) + House (C3) + Mice (C4) does not bode well for sticking our noses outside our front doors since the proposal is beset by difficulties. The full series Bouquet-Cross-Whip-Mice-Snake-Ring-Coffin-Clover-Storks-House-Scythe-Tower looks like the official advice is ill-advised and will be “cut off at the knees,” landing us right back where we are now. (Alternatively, reading this series counterclockwise ends with the Snake, Mice, Clouds and Cross), looking like an utter failure if we “buy into it” [Ring] after our short “run of luck” peters out [Storks+Clover+Coffin].)

Of the four quadrants, the “conscious/future” projection is by far the bleakest as it unfolds over time, while the “unconscious/future” scenario offers little in the way of psychological solace since it revolves around “wishful thinking.” Most of the more positive cards lie in the realm of fondness for the “way things used to be.” This is a thoroughly sobering window on the future.

In summary, what I’m seeing here is that the enthusiasm for “getting back to business” shown at the start of the horizontal timeline will unravel in confusion and disorder. The vertical combination of Whips+Clouds+Snake ahead of Garden suggests a formidable barrier to public satisfaction if this proposal goes forward, and the neutralizing propensity of the Mice will be insufficient to offset it.

Footnote: In reviewing this reading, I think I’m going to change the rotation of the two outer “diamonds” from clockwise to counterclockwise so the series ends up on the “future” side of the layout rather than the “past” side, which will align with the way the “terminal points” (A4, B4, C4) are read. In this way the flow of the cards will “gather up” past influences and carry them forward into developmental space. Also, both diamonds seem to offer an opportunity for “counting round” so I will add that to the spread guidance.

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