A “Missing-Person Vignette” Spread

This spread provides a “short-form” version of my earlier spreads on the subject of “missing-person” cases. It uses a court-card “significator” to represent the absent person that is either specifically selected or carried over from a previous reading in which it appeared. Two decks are required: one to populate the three-card “narrative” row and one from which to extract the trump cards to fill the bottom row. All cards are dealt from the left-to-right and reversals may be used. (Note that the significator will only be reversed if it previously turned up that way.)

The top row is to be read as a brief general overview of developments in the situation, and the bottom row as underlying motivational forces that influenced the “story” of the disappearance. A more detailed spread may be used as a follow-up if anything about this reading warrants a more thorough analysis.

Missing-Person Vignette Spread.JPG

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