Stepping Back: A “Roll Them Bones” Situational-Awareness Reading

I decided that, as of today, I will be backing off from publicly posting on the status of certain missing-person cases in New Hampshire because of the volatility of the issue, especially if criminal activity is suspected. (I will continue working on “cold cases” and less provocative scenarios.) Although I’ve been careful about maintaining discretion regarding privacy, the fact that I’m even looking may be enough to provoke an unpleasant reaction. I did a reading with my “Roll Them Bones” situational-awareness spread to assess my circumstances now and in the future. I used the Spanish edition of the Rorig Tarot, with reversals.

© Editorial Sirio, 29005-Malaga

The top position shows “What’s happening?” right now. I rolled a three-spot and then pulled the 3 of Cups reversed in the draw. I think this shows a growing acknowledgement of the sensitivity of the situation.

The second position is intended to answer “Why is it happening?” I threw a nine and drew the 9 of Cups reversed after the shuffle. This is telling me I must let go of the strong emotional attachment I have to my work, which has been very rewarding from an investigative prediction standpoint.

The third position shows “Who helps or hurts me?” I rolled thirteen (the Queens) and then pulled the Queen of Wands, a mature woman of the nature of Fire. This is an accurate representation of developments over the past week, which have drawn me further into the specifics of several cases, both new and some I’ve been following for a while. This has been favorable for my development but not so much for my exposure.

The fourth position poses the question “How will it develop?” I threw seventeen, the Star. I think it shows two things: one is “distancing” myself in keeping with the remoteness of the Star, and the other is that hope is on my side if I follow the advice.

The quintessence card considers “How will it end?” Using my normal calculation method, I came up with the Hierophant reversed. This card is suggesting that it will be best if I  maintain a conservative stance and keep my head down. There is no strong indication of risk here, just a cautionary sense of prudence. It looks like both the Queen of Wands and the Hierophant are pondering the circumstances and saying “Hmmm . . .” Even though I’m sure that law enforcement pays scant attention to diviners of all types (after all, this ain’t the ’70s), there’s no good reason to test the limits.

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