Should I or Shouldn’t I? – A “Measure of the Moment” Reading

After having spent most of the last month in my house, going nowhere but into the back yard, I’ve been itching to get into the outdoors and do something active. The governor here has been encouraging it, but so many people are following his advice that the parks and trails are crowded, defeating the purpose of the “stay-at-home” edict. (You can bring it with you.) I decided to do a reading to see if it would be advisable at this time for me to give in to that desire. The spread is my “Measure of the Moment” decision-making spread, and I used the Dali Tarot with reversals.

All images copyright Taschen GmbH, Koln, DE

The two Wands cards are the 9 of Wands reversed and the 2 of Wands. The advice appears to be to “cool my jets,” hang loose and don’t make a hasty decision that I might regret later. The Chariot reversed is the “quint” card; it often makes me think “The wheels came off the bus, it’s going nowhere.” The Wands set shows the Motivational Outlook, or “What is driving me?” The cards imply that I’m only half-convinced in either direction, so the urge is tempered. Success is not assured.

The Cups set includes the 10 of Cups reversed and the King of Cups, with the Emperor as the quint card. Although there is some hesitation, this looks like a “Don’t worry, be happy” combination to me, and the Emperor is the “I’m gonna do what I wanna do” guy. The Emperor and the King of Cups gang up on that ambivalent 10 of Cups, saying “How bad can it be?” The Cups pair shows the Emotional Outlook, or “How will I feel?” The Emperor insists “Just do it!” and the King of Cups is too emotional flaccid to gainsay him. I think I would feel very good while doing it; it’s later that I’m concerned about.

The Swords set sports the two male court cards, King and Knight, both reversed. I think they’re telling me “Discretion is the better part of valor.” The quint card is Strength reversed, suggesting that I will come back uncertain whether my destiny is still in my own hands. This combination shows the Mental Outlook, or “What will I think?” about the situation. What I’m getting is the vision of a “clear and present danger” in taking the chance.

The two Pentacles cards are the 9 of Pentacles reversed and the Ace of Pentacles reversed. The 9 of Pentacles is the quintessential card of self-sufficiency, but reversal can turn that on its head by implying that this just isn’t enough. The Ace of Pentacles only wants to get on with life, but the reversal puts, in bluesman Robert Johnson’s words, “stones in my passway.” The quint is the Wheel of Fortune reversed, showing that going out at this time would be a “crapshoot.” This combination describes the Practical Outlook, or “How will I benefit?” and the verdict is inconclusive but the risk is self-evident.

The Grand Quintessence card is the Lovers reversed, suggesting that I really don’t want to go down that road. So I will be staying home until the order is rescinded.

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