COVID-19 Recovery: End of June Outlook

I haven’t done much with Lenormand lately, so I thought I’d throw a 3×3 square to ask where we will be (in the United States) with the coronavirus recovery by the end of June, 2020. My intent was a disease increase/decrease forecast, but that’s not exactly what I wound up with. This is Edmund Zebrowski’s Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The top row, Bear-Scythe-Heart, suggests that the evisceration (Scythe) of financial investments (Bear)  will cause a good deal of heartache and destroy public confidence (Heart receiving Scythe). Looks to me like the economic downturn will  be a “stake through the heart.”

The middle row, Sun-Mountain-Moon, indicates that, despite efforts to put a “happy face” on the situation (Sun),  getting people back to work (Moon) will be a long road with  many forbidding obstacles (Mountain).

The bottom row, Anchor-Bouquet-Snake, implies that the next “rescue” package (Bouquet) being floated by the Democrats to stabilize the economy (Anchor) and – not coincidentally – mollify the voters will contain a “poison pill” or two (Snake) for the Republicans in the form of partisan “earmarks” to the bill.

The left column, Bear-Sun-Anchor, tells me that the economy (Bear) will show signs of rebounding (Sun) and returning to long-term stability (Anchor).

The middle column, Scythe-Mountain-Bouquet shows that attempts to make cuts (Scythe) in proposed stimulation benefits (Bouquet) will be stonewalled (Mountain).

The right column, Heart-Moon-Snake, reveals that although they will be delighted (Heart) to be going back to work (Moon), it will be a complicated process (Snake) with many hurdles.

The Mountain as the central focus card makes me think negotiations will slow to a crawl (Mountain) as Democrats try to maneuver (Snake) around Republican solidarity (Anchor). Public interests could be stranded while this is going on.

The four corners, Bear-Heart-Snake-Anchor, again place the Snake in an adversarial role in opposing any efforts to boost economic strength (Bear) and restore confidence (Heart) in national stability (Anchor), especially if they will bolster President Trump’s re-election chances. The Snake could be describing Trump’s chief political adversary, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. However, the impression I get is that her resistance will be marginalized by improving circumstances.

The internal cross, Scythe-Moon-Mountain-Sun-Bouquet, suggests that the hemorrhaging (Scythe) of jobs (Moon) will  slowly abate (Mountain) and a “new optimism” (Sun) will result from stimulus efforts (Bouquet).

This reading has less to do with nationwide health status than it does with economic recovery at both an institutional and public level. I probably should have been more precise with my question.


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