The “Six Particulars” Past-Life-Reading Spread

I often see people online asking whether anyone does past-life readings with the tarot. I’ve only had prior experience with psychic past-life readings, but it seemed like a reasonable proposition so I created this spread to attempt it. I could only come up with six questions that were broad enough to be answered with the cards, although there are probably many others. If you use this spread, you can always substitute your own. It will be interesting to see how the results compare to more psychic impressions.

This spread requires the deck to be split into three packs: trumps, courts and minors. Each pack is shuffled and cut separately, without reversals, and dealt into the designated positions. However, for the second court-card position, that pack must be reshuffled before the draw to allow reversals. Alternatively, you can use the whole deck, with reversals, and just deal the cards across the spread until one of the correct type appears in each position; you can then read the cards beneath each one as a contributing story if you like.

Six Particulars Past-Life-Reading Spread.JPG

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