A 2020 Spring Equinox Quarterly Outlook

I performed my Quarterly Outlook spread for the first quarter of the zodiacal year beginning March 20, 2020. I used the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition with reversals for this reading.

2020 Spring Equinox Quarterly Outlook.JPG
All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

This 3-month layout displays two different developmental arcs that are, at least on the surface, out-of-sync with one another. The weekly cards are for the most part uneventful, with only one trump card and one difficult minor card. The monthly quintessence cards and the “Grand Quint” suggest a more “upset” scenario, but in keeping with my new stance on the appearance of trump cards in my personal readings that I posted yesterday, I’m going to take them “under advisement” as being primarily environmental and not place too much emphasis on their predictive significance.

The month of March-April looks to be calm for the most part, with the Empress as its keynote. This is to be expected with the “stay-at-home” advisory in effect. The Ace of Cups this week offers no disturbance of the prevailing peace. Next week, the Fool reversed indicates that I shouldn’t stick my neck out by wandering around, while the 3 of Wands reversed in the following week denotes that I also shouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation of anything new and exciting happening. The 7 of Cups at the end of the period throws me back on my own creative and imaginative resources, more in desperation than anything else.

At the beginning of the second month (April-May), the 4 of Wands during the first week shows that the benign temper of the first month should continue. However, during the second and third weeks, the 3 of Swords and the Ace of Swords reversed imply that some anxiety and overthinking will intrude on my situation. This should be short-lived as the 9 of Cups pours “oil on troubled waters” as the month winds down.

The final month kicks off with the dispirited 4 of Cups during the first week, conveying the boredom that relative isolation will inevitably bring. The Queen of Wands reversed during the second week portrays my increasing impatience, while the 6 of Pentacles reversed during the third week signifies strain on my income and resources. But the Queen of Cups  during the last week of the quarter suggests a soothing end to the period. The Summer Solstice is my birthday, so maybe this means a delightful birthday present. I view the Queen of Cups as the “little sister” of the High Priestess, and here she transmutes the heartburn of the Queen of Wands reversed into relative relief via the example of her superior: “This too shall pass.”

The trump-card quintessence sequence tells a somewhat different story. What starts well with the Empress encounters the possibility of some manipulation and deception with the Devil (possibly involving my retirement income as the financial crisis unfolds), becomes shrouded in uncertainty with the High Priestess reversed, and courts disaster with the Tower as the Grand Quint card. The symbolic  meaning seems to be that the quarter will be a disruptive one overall, which is already proving to be true with the consequences of the viral pandemic beginning to emerge in the United States. The Tower implies the threat of martial law or other enforcement tactics. The weekly cards advise proceeding normally to the extent possible, but the quint cards are telling me “Don’t take your eye off the ball!”

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