Mind Over Matter

I was just looking at the tarot-deck “de-enable” thread on one of the forums and realized that I haven’t had to be “de-enabled” on buying a new deck in a very long time. It probably helps that I don’t find most recent decks particularly inspiring from a divination standpoint, even if they happen to be quite beautiful as artwork for occasional browsing. Due to this disinterest, I haven’t bought many in the last couple of years. I’ve now decided that I’m only going to buy those decks that I know with absolute certainty I’m going to use, either in general practice or for a special purpose like multi-deck readings where I want highly compatible companion decks. They also have to be suitable for public readings and therefore not too arcane, so I will probably acquire only one or two tarot or Lenormand decks in the next year, and my wish-list is the smallest it’s ever been. Money isn’t a problem; I could buy a deck almost any time I want. But as George Carlin once said “ya gotta wanna,” and I’ve  developed, in his words, a pronounced lackawanna in the last couple of years.

When you come right down to it, I already have everything I need for professional and private use: my Thoth decks; my Albano Waite; my RWS Centennial Edition (standard and pocket); a couple of “client-friendly” RWS clones (Connolly, Morgan-Greer, Aquarian, Robin Wood, etc.) that I bring to reading sessions to offer my sitters some variety; my PoMo Tarot for sociopolitical readings; and a handful of TdM decks – the CBD, the Hadar and the two colorful Fourniers. In the Lenormand world, I have two classics – the Piatnik and the Blue Owl – and a few modern interpretations – the Gilded Reverie; the Burning Serpent; the Heloise Lenormand by Lynne Boyle; and the Old Style (my current favorite), among others. I have a single traditional Kipper deck that should suffice for all eventualities. If I buy any decks at all over the next few months, it will probably be a Lenormand or a TdM. I still crave one of Lauren Forestell’s excellent Lenormand restorations, but they’re three times more expensive than my usual purchase. I also have an abiding interest in the Flornoy Noblet TdM, another pricey one that ships from Europe. Maybe someday for both.

These days I’m leaning toward buying tarot books I may have passed over before, but they have to be Kindle editions so I can read them while on my exercise bike. (It’s the only thing that gets me on it with any regularity.) However, I need something more advanced, and I’ve already read the Book of Thoth four times over the years. Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot is massive enough to provide me a couple of months of pedaling bliss, so that may be next (although I understand she has some rather unconventional ideas). Susie Chang’s Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers also looks good, but I’m not yet convinced it isn’t comprised mainly of tables with limited explanatory text. I tend to glaze over when contemplating tables unless I’m looking up something specific for reference purposes, and I already have Crowley’s 777. I’ve read all the TdM books in English that I can get my hands on and don’t have much hope of seeing more any time soon since the market is so small. Maybe Andy Boroveshengra will eventually publish his (not holding my breath, though, since he’s said he has no plans at this time).

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