Tormentor of Fish: A 2020 Season Forecast

Although I’m now well into my “senior” years, sit more than I should and have to be careful how much I push my limits, I still consider myself an “outdoorsman.” (I like to say that I’m the only whisky-drinkin’, pickup-drivin’, ballcap-wearin’, fly-fishin’, alpine-skiin’, kayak-paddlin’, hill-climbin’, rock & rollin’, theater-goin’, poetry-lovin’, horoscope-castin’, tarot-card-readin’, grey-bearded, half-Canadian geomancer you’re ever likely to meet!) But mostly I’m a dedicated fly-fisherman of the catch-and-release persuasion. Assuming I can fool one into biting a fake insect made of feathers, I torment trout on the end of a line for a couple of minutes and then put them back into the river for someone else to torment and most likely eat. I’m always interested in what the new fishing season will bring and, since the weather is warming and the snow-melt runoff in the streams is starting to subside, I thought it would make a good subject for today’s post. I decided to use a Lenormand deck with a five-card line. I never use reversals with Lenormand cards. This is Lynn Boyle’s Heloise Lenormand.

All images copyright Lynne Boyle

These cards are telling me that the new season (Child) will get off to a moderately lucky start (Clover), but that this will be cut short (Scythe), most likely by hotter-than-normal weather earlier than usual and some potential flooding. (See my previous geomancy reading on the Spring weather forecast: Since the region of New Hampshire I moved to a year ago is in the warm-water flatlands near the Atlantic seacoast, this is not unexpected; Eastern trout are a cold-water species, so if fishing here is decent through May I will be surprised.

However, the rest of the cards are interesting. In July my brother and I are going to undertake a new learning experience (Book) by going on a float-trip down the upper Connecticut River, intermittently anchoring in the middle of the river and casting to fish along the banks. This is something neither of us has done before. Although the cards are silent about it, the boat captain only has one good eye but as long as he keeps that eye peeled downstream, we should be on a firm footing (Anchor).

As always, Lenormand is extremely literal in its testimony, and the five-card spread is just detailed enough to give a reasonable impression of what will develop, at least up until the usual tailing-off of fishing success as July passes into early August. I’m not much of a summertime bass fisherman, and catching trout when the water temperature approaches 70 degrees is a death sentence for them since the exertion of fighting the rod produces lactic acid in their system that will kill them even if they are released apparently unharmed back into the water. Since, as Ramsey Bolton told Theon Greyjoy in the Game of Thrones, “I’m not a savage!” (or at least in my case not a total savage), I stop fishing when that risk arises. The Anchor could also indicate that things are unquestionably “dead in the water” at that point and “going nowhere.”

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