The “Hopscotch” Multi-Tier Situational Awareness Spread

As is most likely apparent, I enjoy spreads that take unexpected twists and turns at some point in their journey from question to answer. This one uses reversed cards to change the direction of the flow from a typically linear, left-to-right model to a more complex, multi-tiered affair that can descend into situational ambiguity as it develops. Therefore, introduction of random reversals is necessary to its structure, but the reader who doesn’t read with reversals can put them back upright after the spread is laid since the effect of reversal is built into the descending rows.

After the shuffle, fifteen cards are placed face-down in the pattern shown; you can lay these in any order you choose, although I work from left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Following the deal, Card #1A at the top-left corner is revealed. If it is upright, Card #2A in the same row is turned up next, but if it is reversed, the process flow drops down to the second row and Card #1B is revealed. If that is upright, the direction returns to a left-to-right movement with Card #2B; on the other hand, if Card #1B is reversed, the next card to be turned up is Card #1C in the third row down. This impromptu alternation continues until five cards “across” and/or “down” have been exposed. It is possible to have all upright cards (Cards #1A through #5A) or all reversed cards (Cards #1A through #1E) in the reading, but if it is done properly there will be a mixture of different rows and columns in the array, resembling the “hopscotch” layout of the title. The five cards are then read as you would any 5-card line with both upright and reversed cards, with the added emphasis of the growing decline into “shadow” that multiple reversals can portray.

Obviously, the more reversed cards that appear, the farther down  the series will descend into its lower reaches. There are a number of ways to look at this, all of which relate to the significance of reversal. It could mean that the answer will become more obscure over time or more deeply buried in the querent’s subconscious, making it difficult for him or her to sort out. It could also suggest that the querent will become increasingly vulnerable to being “blind-sided” by circumstances. A third option is that the querent needs to rethink how he or she is going to come to grips with matters that won’t come out into the open. I won’t go through all of the possibilities since I have a previous post on the subject of reversal that you can play with in connection with this spread.

Hopscotch Spread.JPG

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