Taking the Pulse

As an online essayist, I try to stay abreast of which blog posts attract the most attention so I can continue to pursue similar topics  in my work. WordPress archival statistics don’t seem to be flexible enough for a real-time, on-demand roll up and ranking of the individual posts or categories that have drawn the largest number of views over a defined period, which means I must rely on a combination of WP historical data and my informal impressions of recent traffic. In general, it appears that my involvement in missing-person cases has sparked the most interest on a daily basis (just over 2,200 views in 2019 alone), followed by my Lenormand and Tarot de Marseille material and some of my tarot trump-card articles (notably the “Moon, Pisces and the High Priestess” essay, which seems to be a perennial favorite). Spread-creation posts and the example readings that accompany them aren’t among the most popular, and the extensive tarot learning material I’ve put up on this blog is similarly untrammeled. My more esoteric posts seem to have a small but dedicated audience of regular visitors, along with my broader theoretical observations about divination in general.

After well over two years of almost daily posts (1,070 and counting), coming up with fresh material can be a challenge. There are only so many ways to cover the same ground with a different “spin,” and I believe I’ve exhausted most of them on some of the topics that I find the most compelling. For the immediate future, I’m hoping to become more active in the areas of traditional cartomancy, horary astrology, geomancy, I Ching, runes, crystals, astral projection and “mixed-media” forms of prediction. I suppose I could back off to weekly blog entries, but I’m running this site (which is certainly not a money-making scheme) as an outlet for my personal ideas and opinions; as long as I have those in abundance I will continue with the routine “metaphysical brain-dumps.” While my discursive rambling could be seen as the unfortunate convergence of an overactive imagination and too much time to kill, the subject matter fascinates me to the point that I feel an overwhelming urge to write about it (and, as I like to say, I’m paying for the privilege of pestering you).

The “pulse-taking” of the title is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Informational blogs such as this one elicit so little reader-writer dialogue (as evidenced by many of the other blogs I visit), that I’m willing to take suggestions regarding other divinatory topics you would like to see explored here. It’s probably safe to say I currently have little or no expertise in many of them (which of course doesn’t stop me from having opinions), but I’m always seeking new horizons and pursuing common interests is a good way to find them. Feel free to comment with any thoughts and recommendations. I’d like to hear what you like and don’t like about what I’m doing. The only thing that’s off-limits to debate are my occasional “attitude attacks;” sometimes a guy just has to vent!


2 thoughts on “Taking the Pulse

  1. I’m not very knowledgeable about how blogs work, along with their statistics, but I was wondering if the views from your articles that are read in the e-mails themselves are counted too? If not it could probably affect the numbers, but if those emails work like a newsletter, I assume you have access to those stats as well? A thought just in case!
    Also I’m really interested to read about your take on the various other divination methods.

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