The “Lenormand Scramble” Awareness or Action Spread

Today I’m turning my spread-creation spotlight on the Lenormand deck. Lenormand readers generally work within a fairly narrow range of spread types: left-to-right lines (usually odd-numbered, running from 3 to 9 cards that allow for a “hinge” card in the middle), squares (typically the 9-card “3X3” array) and “tableaux” (often 36 or 15 cards). I like to push the envelope into unfamiliar territory. Here is a 16-card, 4×4 tableau that is derived from all 36 cards in a preliminary step which asserts, through the initial location of the Significator card, whether decisive action or prudent inaction is the best approach to the Querent’s concerns. It offers two response scenarios: “Awareness and Attitude” (“Wait and see”) and “Alignment and Action” (“Do it now!”). The four introductory stacks aren’t read separately, just as part of the eventual 16-card group containing the Significator. The Significator is left in place after the opening deal and the cards of the tableau are dealt from the top-left stack of the highlighted group to the bottom-right in numerical order. Read the array as you would any Lenormand “tableau,” focusing first on the cards touching the Significator and then considering proximity (“near/far”), corners, lines, rows, diagonals, above-and-below, left-and-right, knighting, intersection, mirroring, “counting round,” etc. I will post an example reading tomorrow.

The four stacks can be dealt one card at a time across the entire sequence, repeating the cycle four times, or each stack can be populated with four cards before moving on to the next one; the choice is yours. In both cases the four “Advice” cards (only two of which are read) are dealt after the first 32 are laid down. If the Significator turns up as one of the “Advice” cards you can either reshuffle the deck and start over or decide that the cards have nothing to tell you that you don’t already know. In other words, they will only confirm your assumptions and intentions regarding the advisability of action or inaction. If you go the second route, the advice given by the pair of cards may be sufficient to support your “gut feeling” without further inquiry.

Lenormand Scramble Spread.JPG

Lenormand Scramble Spread2.JPG

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