A Career “Fishing Expedition” Spread

While I have a few spreads that examine career potential, all of them assume that  querents have at least some idea what they want to do for work. Before today I had none that start from the perspective that some kind of employment change is crucial but the individual has no clue where that might lead (hence, the “fishing expedition” of the title). This spread is as much about aptitudes as it is about opportunities, bringing the two together in a composite outlook shown by the “quintessence” cards. It uses face-down or “hidden” cards as a secondary input underlying the objective evidence of the face-up cards, suggesting that there may be “more than meets the eye” to each of them. These face-down cards should be placed by the sitter in any column they choose, and may be moved around until they are revealed. Reversals may be used with this spread.

Career Fishing Expedition Spread.JPG

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