A Valuable Resource

Although it’s far from comprehensive given the explosion of new tarot decks in the last few years, there is a “tarot-card gallery” website that offers complete scans of numerous popular and historically-significant decks. My understanding is that the German owner of the site has authorization to publish the images from the copyright owners of the decks on display. When I’m contemplating a deck purchase, this is the first place I go because there are few other on-line sites where all of the cards can be viewed without actually buying the deck. I find it especially useful for comparing the decks I’m interested in. I’m not sure to what extent it is still being updated, or whether deck creators and publishers are now less agreeable than they once were to having their work shown on the site, but what is there definitely provides a public service to tarot enthusiasts (and, not incidentally, free advertising for the publishers). I’ve had the link on my sidebar since the day I created this blog, but I wanted to give it a nod in its own post to bring it to wider attention.


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