Trump’s “Mamushka”

I can tell by the resounding silence whenever I post one that few people here like my political readings (I’m a “small-government” New England Libertarian at heart, not a Liberal or Socialist) but that doesn’t stop me and, to be honest, I do my best to “just read the cards” and not inject personal bias unless it is aimed at the many glaring flaws in American political culture and career politicians as a group. My brother and I were talking about it and agree that it’s an unfortunate time to be an American; if it wasn’t so cold there (as well as borderline socialist and expensive to live in) we might even move back to our ancestral homeland in Canada.

Anyway, I decided to do a reading to examine what may become of the House Democrats’ initiative to unseat Donald Trump – not the impeachment (I think that’s a “slam-dunk” since they have their marching orders) but rather the Senate vote to remove him. I was thinking that it’s turned into quite a vicious “knife fight,” but then I recalled that there are sentiments among some political pundits that the Democrats could just be staging a “show” to keep the issue in front of the voting public until the 2020 election (on the other hand, I do think they fear that Trump might ram through another Supreme Court Justice before then). The Addams Family’s knife-juggling “Mamushka” seemed like a perfect analogy for this kind of dead-serious “contact sport” (although there is a chance Trump could catch that final knife in the neck and not in his teeth).

I used my “Enemy at the Gates” vulnerability spread with the Fournier Tarot de Marseille and no reversals. For the “Opportunity” card (aka the “Significator”), I chose La Justice from the Conver Ben-Dov TdM for obvious reasons (“just desserts” will be served one way or another, and Alejandro Jodorowsky calls La Justice an “absolutist”), backed up with my hand-made “King of Spades” significator. Trump occupies the top row of the spread and his adversaries are shown in the bottom row.

All images U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT and Naipes Heraclio Fournier, S.A.

Before I get into the detailed analysis, I wanted to note that the left-to-right “flow” of the two 4-card lines suggests that the Democrats have all the momentum in the early going, right up to their “feel-good moment” with the Ace of Cups,  while Trump is reduced to protesting and “stonewalling,” but it looks like that momentum could fizzle into procedural minutiae by the end of the day.

The Ace of Wands in Trump’s “Strengths” position shows that he is absolutely convinced he has moral rectitude on his side and that it’s a noble weapon (can you hear “Glory! Glory! Hallelujah” chorusing in the background?), while the Democrats “Strengths” card, the Chariot, reflects that they aren’t going to let that faze them; they clearly “smell blood” and believe they are closing in on victory. The contrary red and blue horses are intriguing, since the Democrats will need a coalition in the Senate to win the battle. Score: +1 to the Democrats.

The Ace of Swords in Trump’s “Weaknesses” position suggests that his rhetoric isn’t doing him much good; the feeling I get is that “the Ace of Wands lies and the Ace of Swords swears to it,” which leaves an opening for the opposition to exploit. Jodorowsky likens the sword of La Justice to “a theoretical justification, a constitution, a discourse that allows him to impose his whim – whether it is beneficial or destructive for the world.” (Jodo was actually referring to Le Chariot as “him” here but I used some interpretive license to make my point about Trump’s argumentative style, which could just as well apply to the approach of the Democrats). The Cavalier d’ Epee as the Democrats’ “Weakness” implies that cooler, more seasoned heads aren’t prevailing in the “rush to judgment,” something Barack Obama cautioned them about. Score: +1 to Trump for not losing his own cool (much) while the Democrats flail about.

The 8 of Deniers as Trump’s “Edge” card simply reflects the fact that he is a sitting President, with all of the ponderous, unyielding weight that imparts (as well as the practical advantage of a strong economy); it does resemble that “stone wall” I mentioned. The Ace of Cups as the “Democrats’ “Edge” looks like they are counting on public feelings about Trump to bolster their cause; the concern is that they may be congratulating themselves too soon. Score: +1 for the Office of the President, not for the man himself.

The 2 of Batons in Trump’s “Allies’ Power” position conveys that they are on his side for the moment, but they have proven to be a fickle bunch. The 3 of Deniers as the Democrats’ “Allies Power” card indicates that it is all about money and power, and they certainly know which side their “bread is buttered on.” Score: Null (I’m calling this one a draw unless – and until – more of Trump’s support deserts him.)

With Le Pendu as his “Chance to Win” sub-quintessence card, Trump looks like he’s in danger of being “hung out to dry.” For their part, the House Democrats will “stand on tradition” with Le Pape, confident that the Senate will stand with them. Perhaps “old-fashioned morality” comes home to roost? (Nah!) Score: + 1 to the Democrats.

The Grand Quintessence card, L’Etoile, suggests that the Democrats have their fingers crossed on this one. Elementally, L’Etoile is strongly supportive of three of Trump’s four “line” cards, hostile to one and sympathetic to Le Pendu, perhaps disapproving of the imminent “lynching” on purely ethical grounds. L’Etoile elementally favors one of the Democrats’ “line” cards, is mutually agreeable with two, hostile to one and also unfriendly to Le Pape. The “natural law” of Justice (think of it as the “Law of the Jungle”) may ultimately have to bow to the mystical convolutions of “Cosmic Law” as embodied in  Congressional rule-making. I’m going to have to give the “+2” score to Trump here since the Democrats seem a bit short-handed in their Senate push; the only thing that could change that is if those incumbent Republicans who are up for reelection fear losing their seats enough to bolt to the other side.

The total scoring for this reading gives the nod to Trump in avoiding removal by Senate vote. However, the long-range effects of this political feeding-frenzy are a threat to Trump’s reelection hopes, which after all is the “bottom line” for Democrats here. But that will require another reading further along the campaign trail.


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