A “Tetractys” Example Reading

I decided to test the “Tetractys” spread with my Fournier Tarot de Marseille deck, without reversals. Two weeks ago  I received a tentative offer to perform tarot readings at upcoming metaphysical events sponsored by a spiritual medium in the area.  There is apparently a shortage of male readers and I would apparently be a welcome addition; at the moment I’m awaiting further contact. I asked whether anything will come of this and what my response should be if it does.

All images copyright Naipes Heraclio Fournier, S.A.

This is an interesting layout to say the least, partly encouraging and partly conflicted.

The 9 of Swords in the “premise” position is a reflection of the unpromising state of my current professional situation which, while showing some faint signs of life after our cross-state move, is not yet enjoying any kind of robust exposure in public terms; the most appropriate word for it is “anemic.”

Le Jugement in the “environmental encouragement” position seems to be saying that I will be “called” from my idleness and should be ready for the challenge.

The Cavalier de Deniers in the “environmental push-back” position suggests that the cost of rising to the occasion will not be inconsiderable; right now I’m thinking that this card describes the substantial time and expense involved in traveling to the event locations. But the implication is that the outlay will be amply repaid by the satisfaction received.

La Papesse in the “new opportunities” position shows the feminine dynamic (psychics, spiritualists and mediums) that I will become a part of if this pans out. This does not give me pause in the least, even though my reading style could be defined as cogitative as much as it is intuitive. The assumption seems to be that male clients will gravitate toward male readers, which was certainly true in my last professional gig.

La Force in the “sustaining” position indicates that sticking to my creative, forthright reading style will stand me in good stead with this company.

The 4 of Batons in the “out with the old” position advises that I should jump on this chance to shake things up a bit and dispel the comfortable complacency that has settled in after our relocation. I’m content with the quality of what I’ve done to date but far from thrilled with my overall progress.

Now it begins to get more complicated. I notice that all of the cards down the right side of the spread and also La Force are expressions of “two-ness” as shown in my “numerological counterparts” model. Two can be a number of compromise as well as cooperation, and also of reciprocal or compensatory action reminiscent of a pendulum’s swing. There may be some give-and-take before the specifics of this arrangement are worked out.

The 2 of Swords in the Fire (“desires and goals”) position depicts a strategic outreach that emphasizes the pursuit of mutual self-interest.

The 5 of Deniers in the Water (“feelings and whims”) position cautions against taking too much at face value without carefully considering the emotional impact. The implications for existing commitments need to be factored in before accepting and perhaps biting off more than I want to chew.

The 5 of Swords in the Air (“perceptions”) position affords the occasion for some shrewd bargaining once any initial misconceptions are resolved.

The 3 of Swords in the Earth (“physical circumstances/outcome”) position gives the distinct impression that a “meeting of the minds” will take some doing. However, Three is always a number of growth and opportunity, so the suggestion is that both sides will have to give a little to come to closure. Isabel Kliegman has a useful take on this card: she says we must take the pain into our hearts and process it, but – because this is a mental card and not an emotional one – I’m thinking that any discomfort will be cerebral rather than visceral, perhaps more uncertainty than true discord. This card represents a temporary state of upset and not a lasting one, so any setbacks are unlikely to be insurmountable.

However, the numerous odd-numbered Swords in the “premise” position and the “elemental” row could indicate fundamental differences over approach that might be awkward; a lot depends on the extent to which I’m able to leverage the higher spiritual purpose that is all but suppressed in the 5 of Deniers. As Joseph Maxwell wrote about this card, the “divine and spiritual nature can always, and instantly, be re-activated where the right conditions are brought about.” And as Aleister Crowley said in a different context: “All such impulses are right, if rightly received.”

If I had to guess from these cards, I would say there is at least a 50-50 chance that the initiative will peter out. I’m up for it but not holding my breath.

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