A Milestone Moment

I have now reached 1,000 posts on this blog since its launch in July of 2017. I’ve had just under 40,000 views in that time, not a lot compared to some of the blogs I follow, but it did jump more than 25% so far this year over the 2018 total. As always, I try to keep my daily posts brief and as pithy as possible, so anyone browsing can quickly get a feel for my thinking on the subject of divination and then dig more deeply if they’re intrigued by what they see. Three-to-four paragraphs is the rule, with the occasional six-paragraph “whopper” with pictures creeping in. It hasn’t turned into a money-making venture since I don’t allow ads and haven’t sold many on-line readings, but I never expected it to; I’m retired and don’t really want or need a second career. Having an outlet for my writing has been its own reward, and I intend to continue for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “A Milestone Moment

  1. I am an inconsistent reader of your blog (mainly because I am busy with too many things!) but I really like your posts and I am really thankful for all the information you are sharing here. I hope one day I’ll manage to catch up on your various posts on tarot and astrology in particular, but in the meantime I’m still happy to see that new posts are always accumulating!

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