Lunar Month Look-Ahead, October-November, 2019

I haven’t done one of these in a while because the New Moon tends to slip by without notice and I insist on punctuality in the performance of readings that have transitional “milestone” dates. Here I’ve applied my most recent spread design, with which I use only the pip cards as explained in this excerpt from my previous post, “Rethinking the Monthly Lunar Look-ahead:”

“I’ve been working with my Lunar Month Look-ahead spread for roughly a year now, and during that entire time I’ve been struggling with making sense of the trump cards in the highly fluid situations defined by the succession of lunar phases. It finally struck me that transits of the Moon by themselves aren’t about the kind of major life-changing events signaled by the trumps, they’re indicative of fast-moving and usually superficial developments that effect daily life in a momentary way and then fade. In this sense, the phases of the Moon present opportunities for minor adjustments in one’s response to emerging or ongoing circumstances. They should be given little more weight in the big picture than one accords the routine daily draw: more as tone-setters than event-predictors in most cases.

. . . it may be much more profitable to exclude trump cards from the deck when performing the monthly lunar forecast, since they can be more trouble to interpret than they’re worth in real-world terms. Even further, for someone like me who has very few interpersonal encounters on a daily basis, it may be a good idea to remove the court cards from the deck as well.”  (In retrospect, next time I may retain the court cards and treat them as describing prominent behavioral or attitudinal catalysts.) “This leaves the 40 minor cards, which are already recognized as being focused on day-to-day affairs of an unexceptional nature.”

These are the phase-change dates for the October-November 2019 lunation cycle. Each sub-phase lasts between 3 and 4 days, during which the influence of the resident card remains in effect.

New Moon – October 27-28 (0% Visibility)

Crescent Moon (Waxing) – November 1 (25% Visibility, Increasing)

First Quarter – November 4 (50% Visibility, Increasing)

Gibbous Moon (Waxing) – November 7 (75% Visibility, Increasing)

Full Moon – November 11-12 (100% Visibility)

Disseminating Moon (Waning) –  November 16 (75% Visibility, Decreasing)

Last Quarter – November 19 (50% Visibility, Decreasing)

Balsamic Moon (Waning) – November 22 (25% Visibility, Decreasing)


I used my Fournier Tarot de Marseille pips without reversals. (All images © Naipes Heraclio Fournier, S.A.)

It looks like energetic physical activity will peak by the end of the First Quarter; I damaged one of my knees last month while pushing too hard during our daily “wog” (faster than a walk but not quite a jog), and the 5 of Batons here shows that I need to be careful about re-injuring it. The two-week period between the First and Last Quarters appears to be slower and more passive, a time to take care of unfinished business and then relax for a spell. The seven days from the Last Quarter to the next New Moon on November 25 could bring stimulating new ideas and opportunities, although – because the cards are even-numbered with flowers and not swords at their center –  the inspiration is likely to be more introspective than assertive. (Perhaps I will be offered more frequent occasions for on-line reading near the end of the month.)

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