Where Are James and Michelle? – An “Astro-Tarot Location” Example Reading

UPDATE 2: The bodies of James and Michelle Butler were found near Corpus Christi, TX, not far from where they were last seen. The impressions from the reading that they were dead was accurate, although the location indicator was not. The younger person identified in the second part of the reading was probably the perpetrator, who covered his tracks by driving the vehicle into comparatively lawless Mexico. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bribe paid at the border.

UPDATE: Apparently there is surveillance video from a Mexican border checkpoint showing the Butlers’ pick-up and RV trailer crossing into Mexico on October 21. Two bodies were found near where they were last seen, but since there are a number of unsolved missing-person cases in the area, no positive identification has been made yet.

Original Post:

To test my new “Astro-Tarot Location Method,” I settled on a New Hampshire missing-person case that was just reported this morning. (I usually wait a few days before tackling recent disappearances to see if they resolve themselves, but I wanted to give this approach a spin.)


Because James and Michelle Butler of Rumney, NH were traveling cross-country in an RV when they were last seen in Texas, I chose the Chariot as my Significator and used the Waite-Smith Centennial pocket edition with reversals.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The Significator turned up in Gemini in the 3rd House; the position is adjacent to the “midnight” arm of the meridian, suggesting in “a low, dim place” but the Significator is in an Air sign, implying an elevated location. This has me thinking they may have wound up in a recessed section of a high place, such as a canyon drop-off on a mountain road (although in that region it might be a ravine in hill-country). A below-the-horizon placement of the Significator nominally conveys “inside and concealed,” so they might still be in their vehicle, and the 3rd House could mean they had mechanical troubles leading to their unexpected vanishing. However, the Chariot isn’t reversed, so the assumption of a catastrophic accident is merely conjecture. The north-easterly direction implies that they had turned toward home (apparently by way of Florida) when they left their last known location. Gemini is one of the “dual” signs, so this position of the Significator looks like a validation that two people are involved in this reading.

The Significator and the Moon are both below the horizon, and the Sun, although near the “noon” meridian, is reversed, diminishing or dispersing its illumination. (I’m now thinking that reversal of the “lights” could mean symbolically “hidden behind clouds.”) With two of the three main indicators occluded by the Earth and the third one visible but compromised, the implication is that the Butlers will be difficult to spot.

The Part of Fortune (here portrayed by my “lucky silver dollar”) is in Libra in the 7th House, making me think they “trusted their luck” in some sociable or neighborly way, but the 2 of Swords directly beneath it looks like it would have been a questionable decision. It’s doubtful that anyone who received their friendly consideration would come forward, and it’s been a couple of weeks since they were at the public campground in Texas so that is most likely a cold trail.

Here are the cards that landed in the 3rd House along with the Significator; these cards aren’t read in series as an unfolding  narrative, just as background information that may be relevant.


The 4 of Swords reversed is strongly reminiscent of the Vermont couple who were murdered at a rest stop in Colorado a couple of years ago; it does not suggest a cheerful outcome. Neither of them look young enough to be the Page of Wands, so with this card reversed they may have impulsively picked up a hitch-hiker along the road, someone who had a hidden agenda. The Hanged Man reversed could mean they did in fact “get themselves upside-down” somewhere, but I’m also wondering whether it’s showing that one of them went “tets up” like Michael Myers’ description of Colonel Sanders in So I Married an Axe Murderer, while the 7 of Wands implies that the other one is still struggling courageously against the odds. The 7 of Cups reversed is another indication of confusion and concealment, giving the impression that their present situation is thoroughly perplexing to those looking for them. (For a deeper discussion of the Sevens, see yesterday’s post, The Rhythms of the Universe.)

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