An Astro-Tarot Location Method

When dealing with lost items or missing persons, I often default to horary astrology because of its proven effectiveness. But I’m always looking for ways to augment that approach with tarot. I made a previous attempt to blend the location principles of horary astrology from John Frawley’s book The Horary Textbook with a tarot layout (in my “Sundial Location Spread”) but in retrospect I think it was a little too arcane for most users. Here is a more straightforward design that leaves little room for ambiguity. It uses the “natural horoscope” model with Aries on the Ascendant (representing the querent in all cases) and traditional horoscopic directions and diurnal orientation.

Astrological Horoscope Wheel.jpg

The idea is to choose a Significator to betoken the misplaced object or absent individual, then shuffle and deal the deck in sequential order from the 1st House to the 12th House until the Significator shows up (which may take more than one round), thus divulging a presumed target location. Then, if they haven’t appeared yet, keep going until the Sun and Moon cards surface; these are the main indicators of “visibility.” Note the hemisphere, quadrant, sign and house location of these three cards. In general, if all or most of them appear above the horizon, the object or person should be situated in visually discernible circumstances, usually but not always outdoors. Below the horizon they could be concealed indoors in some way (although not always in the querent’s own home). However, even when elevated, a reversed Significator could mean an object is “hidden in plain sight” or a missing person’s presence is somehow “masked;” with an occluded Significator, reversal indicates that they could be doubly hard to detect.

If the Sun and Moon are in signs roughly opposite that of the Significator, they shed their light on its condition; if they are in the same (or adjacent) sign as the Significator, there could be a symbolic “shadowing” that obscures the details. The “above” and “below” hemispheres can further indicate whether the object or person is in a high, low, hot, dry, cold or wet place. If the Significator is to the left of the meridian, they should be fairly close to the querent, whether indoors or outdoors (and when in the 1st House, “right under his or her nose”); if to the right of the meridian, they would be farther away. The East, West, North and South directions always show which way to head first.

Additionally, if the Significator lands in a Fire sign, the object or person should be someplace warm and dry, perhaps near a heat source or next to a wall; if in a Water sign, in a cold, wet location or near a source of water; if in an Air sign, in a mild, bright locale, well off the floor or ground and, if indoors, on a shelf next to a window or near the TV; if in an Earth sign, in a dim spot, frequently on or under the floor or ground. If it falls in the 1st, 6th, 7th or 12th House, a state of medium elevation (e.g. “waist-high”) is shown. Should it take more than one round for the Significator to show up, the cards that appear with it in its house position can be read as conditional factors that describe other things to look for in the area.

House placement can also be significant. I already mentioned the 1st House as showing someplace very close to the querent. In the 11th House, the lost object could be at a friend’s home; in the 5th House, in the child’s room; in the 10th House, upstairs or in the attic; in the 4th House, downstairs or in the cellar; in the 6th House, in the kennel. In that last case, I once had an example where a woman’s ring had fallen off her hand into a big bin of dog food, and my suggestion of “in the dog’s place” helped her find it.

A final step is to determine the nominal “Part of Fortune” (PoF), the location of which can show the “luckiest” place to start looking. Although in astrology the actual degrees of angular separation between the Sun, Moon and Ascendant must be known to do this, here we will use a “Whole Sign” approach. For example if the Sun card appears in Virgo (150 degrees) and the Moon card in Sagittarius (240 degrees), while the Ascendant remains in Aries (0 degrees or, for subtraction purposes, 360 degrees), we would proceed as follows:

For a daytime reading, add the Ascendant’s degree to the Moon’s degree and subtract the Sun’s degree from that total (you may have to add 360 degrees to make subtraction possible). In this case, we get 0 degrees + 240 degrees – 150 degrees = 90 degrees, yielding a Part of Fortune in Cancer. (You can check yourself by confirming that the Part of Fortune is the same distance from the Ascendant as the Sun is from the Moon.) For a night-time reading, add the Ascendant’s degree to the Sun’s degree and subtract the Moon’s degree from that total. Here we get 360 degrees + 150 degrees – 240 degrees = 270 degrees, or a Part of Fortune in Capricorn. (Check yourself as above.)

With a Cancer PoF, I would begin searching to the North at a moderate distance from the querent’s location, and probably inside a building or enclosure of some kind, near a water supply or in a low-light situation and not far off the ground. In the home, a room near the center of the house (maybe a bathroom or laundry) is where I would go first. With a Capricorn PoF, I would head outdoors toward the South at a moderate distance, to an elevated, sunny spot if one is present in that direction, and look near or on the ground (hopefully not under it). Since this is a shortcut, I wouldn’t take its testimony above that of the Significator, which isn’t involved in the PoF calculation.

If anyone tries this combined technique with good results, I would appreciate hearing about it. I’ve had around a 70% success rate finding lost items with Frawley’s horary astrology methods but only slightly more than 50% with tarot alone.

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