What Happened to George? – A Horary Astrology Perspective

I’ve been holding off from posting this in hope that more information on the current status and location of George Cross would come to light, but there has been nothing new since my earlier tarot reading. In this horary chart I’ve taken a few liberties with astrologer John Frawley’s methods, but the bottom line continues to look grim.

As a follow-up to my tarot reading on the September 2019  disappearance of George Cross of Berlin, NH, I decided to perform a horary astrology chart to see if it will yield any more information. In this chart, the Ascendant represents the missing person and the condition of its ruling planet, when analyzed by sign, house and aspect, will ideally show something of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance.

george missing.jpg

Here the sign on the Ascendant is Sagittarius, and its “lord,” Jupiter, is in the 1st House in its own sign of rulership. If (according to William Lilly) the Ascendant represents “the ship we sail in,” than it appears George would have been the “captain of his own destiny” up to the point he disappeared. This suggests two things to me: first, as reflected in the postscript to my tarot reading, whatever became of George was most likely self-initiated (even if unintentionally), and second, the police may be looking too far afield for him when he is potentially “right under their noses.” However, this may be offset by the fact that Sagittarius rules “voyages, especially by water;” if the tentative suggestion from the tarot reading that George may have drowned in the Androscoggin River has any validity, he could be “somewhere downriver.”

Jupiter is involved in a tight midpoint configuration – also known as a “planetary picture” – with Mercury and Pluto. The symbolic equation for this is Mercury/Pluto = Jupiter, and some of the key ideas behind the various permutations suggest irrational behavior that may have been exploited:

overestimation of self; the tendency to overtax one’s strength
disturbances of the nervous system; irritability; impatience; nervous breakdown
premature action or hastiness
the actions of a crook or swindler
failures through dishonesty, negligence or clumsiness, fraud, calumny
the misfortune to lose everything

(These can be explored further in Reinhold Ebertin’s remarkable book The Combination of Stellar Influences.)

Some of these thoughts echo the observations from the tarot reading that George may have gotten into an altercation with someone who didn’t have his best interests at heart. (My words at the time were “an erstwhile friend whom George may have crossed.”) The Moon can be a co-significator for the subject of the chart, and here it is in its own sign of Cancer in the house of close friends and associates. The assumed adversary would most likely have been someone whom George knew and naively trusted, and the Moon is in an applying “square” aspect with 10th-House Mars, suggesting the possibility of emotionally-charged conflict, perhaps with an “authority figure” of some kind. Mars is elevated in the chart, sitting near the Midheaven, and the Moon is also closely squared to the same sensitive point. The implication is that this occurrence could have originated in a relatively public place; with the social sign of Libra ruling the Midheaven, it may have been at a shelter of some kind, and with the “lord” of the Midheaven, Venus, in the second house from the 10th of the “turned” chart, the disagreement could have been over something of material value.

Is George still alive? The 8th House of death has the sign of Cancer on its cusp, and its ruler, the Moon, is in the 12th house from the 8th of the “turned” chart. George’s present status is shrouded in uncertainty, but the difficult applying aspect between the Moon and Mars/Midheaven makes survival seem unlikely. The “lord of the 8th,”  although dignified in its own sign of rulership, suggests that he could be “in a cold, wet place” and the house placement relative to the “house of death” implies concealment. My guess is that George will eventually “surface” – literally – in the river. Both the Sun and the Moon are above the horizon, signifying “visibility,” and the Ascendant ruler rising in the chart begs for discovery, so it seems like a safe bet that he will eventually turn up.

2 thoughts on “What Happened to George? – A Horary Astrology Perspective

    • I just responded by e-mail to a couple of other requests from people involved in the search. At this point, unless I come up with a different approach to try (which is usually a safe bet in these long-outstanding cases), I can’t add anything to what I told them, which was a summary of what I already posted: he’s either not too far from his usual haunts (probably to the East) and is well-concealed, or he went into the Androscoggin and is somewhere downriver. He didn’t seem like a kidnapping candidate to me, but assault looks more likely.


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