A List Of My Tarot and Lenormand Spreads

NOTE: This list gets out-of-date with alarming frequency since I have to print, scan, edit and import a new set of pages every time I add a spread to my inventory. The Dropbox link at the sidebar location that most likely brought you here is the best way to see the current list. You can then use the “Categories” drop-down menu on the WordPress home page to find the spreads by topic area (Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, Relationships, Work and Finances, Health and Happiness, General Life-Reading, etc.) I’ve added a few new features to the list: identifiers for which spreads are “complex” or “very complex,” which are new since the last update and which are especially “recommended.”

Below is a list of all the tarot and Lenormand spreads and other layouts I’ve created and posted on this blog. They are offered both for your private, non-professional use and as spreads that I will (with a few exceptions) perform professionally upon request. The idea behind the quirky titles is to pique your interest enough to go look them up by name in the search window or in the “Categories” drop-down menu and perhaps give them a try. Many of these spreads have example readings in subsequent posts, usually the next day. A number of my earlier creations are exceedingly complex, but most of them are in the 5-10 card range with a few slightly larger than that. I will add a link to this list as a permanent feature on my homepage, and will update it periodically. The side-bar page also has a Dropbox link to a “running list” of updates that I keep current between blog post revisions.

Tarot & Lenormand Spreads 1-20-20.JPG

Tarot & Lenormand Spreads 1-20-202.JPG

Tarot & Lenormand Spreads 1-20-203.JPG

Tarot & Lenormand Spreads 1-20-204.JPG

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