The Skinny End

We’ve all seen the Hollywood version of the investigative psychic: the brow furrowed in concentration, the eyes squeezed shut, the hands to the temples, proclaiming “I think I see the letter ‘B’ . . .” One thing I’ve learned during my pursuit of missing-person situations is that the number of unsolved homicides far outweighs incidents of unexplained disappearance, at least in the State of New Hampshire (which is most likely a testament to the devious resourcefulness of the criminal mind). I have a spread that attempts to identify the gender, age, appearance and general location of suspects in major crimes, but nothing that tries to pin a name on them. Granted, this spills over into the realm of the mind-reader rather than that of the cartomancer, but I’ve been thinking that all of the esoteric tarot trumps have Hebrew letters associated with them, so it might be useful to put them into play to at least suggest the initials at the beginning of a suspect’s multi-part name. (The letter correspondences used here come from the Paul Foster Case book, The Tarot: Key to the Wisdom of the Ages.)

The idea is that, after the court-card representing the likely suspect is found, three trump cards could be drawn randomly to indicate the possible initials of the first, middle and last names (or at least first and last if there is no middle name) by converting the Hebrew letters into their English equivalents. (As a bonus, these three cards can also be read for additional insights regarding the suspect’s likely appearance, mannerisms and movements leading up to and following the crime.) Admittedly, this goes far out onto the skinny end of the “SWAG” (scientific wild-ass guess) branch, but when everything else has been tried to no avail, it’s time to push the envelope. I will be posting a couple of example readings in the next day or two.

As an aside, I’m thinking this spread might also be used to answer the frequently-asked  question “Who will my next love interest be?” (It would only potentially be a homicidal maniac!)

Suspect ID Spread.JPG

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