“A Match Made In . . .”

a) Heaven (Your Wildest Dreams)
b) Hell (Your Worst Nightmares)
c) “The back seat of a ’60 Chevy”*

This morning I read an article titled “12 Signs You May be Headed for Divorce,” which inspired me to create this spread for those who may be agonizing over the state of their relationship and are looking for ways to salvage it. Consider it a form of “12-Step Program” for improving interpersonal alignment. I’ve received some on-line criticism for using two decks in my readings; what I’ve actually done here is create two separate readings and then join them together for the purpose of comparison. So each deck creates a stand-alone profile for one of the partners in a relationship, allowing for the not-unreasonable appearance of identical attributes in the two profiles.

* With apologies to Bob Seger.

Match Game Spread.JPG

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