My Weekly Elements

Since I haven’t been very diligent about doing my daily “element-and-number” draws as described in my previous post, I decided to do a seven-day look-ahead using the same technique. If I remember to do so, I will probably add day-to-day pulls to the series for additional insight about this longer-range projection. Overall, it looks like a productive (three Coins) and emotionally satisfying (four Cups) week. I’ve been helping on-line clients with tarot and Lenormand readings this week while making a little money at it, and I still have some details to work out with them next week. The 10 of Cups shows that I should be done with those obligations by Thursday. The two Nines and two Fours suggest accruing and stabilizing conditions on the economic and social fronts. The 6 of Coins could offer a chance to improve profitability, while the 8 of Cups at the end of the week may foretell a reappraisal of my feelings about my work during the week.

With five of the seven court cards (and especially the Valet, Reyne and Cavalier d’Epee) facing to the left, I may want to rethink my approach and reconsider some of my assumptions about where I’m headed. But the Roy de Deniers and the Reyne de Baton should be perfectly capable of carrying the entrepreneurial ball forward during the week. The Valet de Coupes on Monday suggest that I will start the week on a sanguine note. Three of the four Valets are present, reflecting that my on-line reading initiative is still a fledgling operation that I’m enthusiastic about. As a tableau showing “whom I should be” during the week, it emphasizes the “student” (three Valets) and the “thinker” (three Epees).

Here is the layout for the coming week

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