A “Pushmi-Pullyu” Example Reading

This brief reading is for an older man and woman  who have decades of successful marriage behind them, so I performed it to take a snapshot of where the relationship is at present and where it may go in the future. (I have permission to post it.) I used two versions of the Thoth deck (large-format and standard), and applied reversals.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The randomly-pulled court cards were the Princess of Cups for one partner and the Queen of Disks rx for the other. They are both facing in the clockwise direction, showing that these individuals are on the same page and forward-looking in their commitment to one another. The Princess of Cups person (described by the inner circle) is the “go with the flow” partner and the Queen of Disks rx reflects the more cautious managerial type who counts the pennies. The Princess is the imaginative impresario while the more serious Queen “minds the store.”  There are no “heavies” in this reading at all (no Death, no Devil, no Hanged Man, no Tower, no Moon), which bodes well for maintaining the couple’s momentum.

The Princess of Cups has a tendency to court fiscal peccadilloes of a minor nature, both “coming and going” (5 of Disks and 7 of Disks rx). The Princess could be described as more than a little impulsive in habit (Ace of Wands rx and Knight of Wands rx) but doesn’t let it get out of hand (Magus rx and Prince of Swords). The Empress at the bottom anchors the Princess securely to terra firma while leaving her creatively unfettered.

The Queen of Disks tolerates the mild risk of this behavior (Queen of Cups paired with the 5 of Disks) and maintains her composure in the face of the sometimes misplaced enthusiasm of the Princess (4 of Cups paired with the Ace of Wands rx). She can become a little impatient with the impractical side of the Princess (the long-suffering 4 of Swords rx paired with the Magus rx). But in the “big picture” they are both in agreement on how to grow the relationship, with the Queen leading the way (Empress paired with the Chariot). The Queen remains sanguine about any ill-conceived schemes of the Princess, which can be “much ado about nothing” (Ace of Cups paired with the Prince of Swords). She can become distraught when things get out-of-hand (8 of Cups rx paired with the Knight of Wands rx), but she picks up the slack (Princess of Wands rx) whenever fear of failure looms (7 of Disks rx).

The Empress rx as quintessence shows that the relationship will remain comfortable in all the important ways, but it could be more so if the financial wrinkles can be ironed out.

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