The “Shadow-Play” Motivational Awareness Spread

As a spin-off of my "House System for Tarot" post, I created a spread that draws the house cards from the bottom of the deck as shadow-card companions to the more outwardly explicit cards pulled from the top of the deck. These cards will show underlying motives or causes that affect the outer aspects of … Continue reading The “Shadow-Play” Motivational Awareness Spread

“Mirror of the Soul” Karmic Message Spread

The Pythagoreans held that Number is sacred and embodies the root of all Existence; the measure of anything whatsoever can be taken in its ten formative principals, which ascend from an embryonic origin in the Monad or Point (1) to mature perfection in the Decad (10). (Note that this isn't the mathematical perception of Pythagoreanism … Continue reading “Mirror of the Soul” Karmic Message Spread

An Alternate Approach to On-line Reading

As I've said many times before, I'm suspicious of any card-reading method that doesn't involve a querent physically handling the deck. Consequently, I shy away from on-line reading except under very limited circumstances. One of my "work-arounds" is to request that remote clients shuffle and draw from their own deck of cards, then tell me … Continue reading An Alternate Approach to On-line Reading

Brexit Redux: A “B&B” Reading

The title alludes to "Boris and Brexit," not "bed & breakfast," "bread & butter" or "Benedictine & brandy." My last reading on Brexit was November 26 of last year and it predicted that Theresa May wouldn't have "a chance in Hell" as her "support surges away from her" amid "stubborn divisiveness." For this reading … Continue reading Brexit Redux: A “B&B” Reading