A “Roll Them Bones” Example Reading

To test this spread, I decided to ask (once again) what my prospects are for advancement in my professional aspirations as a tarot reader. I used the RWS Centennial Pocket Edition with reversals for this reading.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

My first roll was a Three, so I shuffled all of the Three cards and came up with the 3 of Wands reversed in the “What’s happening?” position. This card reversed is basically saying “Nothing.” In short, I’ve been waiting in vain for a break. While the number Three in general brings progress and opportunity, reversal can diminish its vigor and delay its arrival.

My second roll was a Six. Shuffling all of the Six cards produced the 6 of Pentacles reversed as “Why is it happening?” Frankly, I just don’t have the money to rent a facility in which to carry on my professional pursuits. My wife and I have agreed that we don’t want strangers in our home, and I haven’t connected with a local metaphysical shop yet. Still, Six is a number of harmony and success, even if reversal holds it back.

My third roll was a Twelve, stipulating a Knight in the “Who will help or hurt me?” position. A shuffle of all the Knight cards gave me the Knight of Cups. Either this could be a sympathetic champion who will enter the picture on my behalf, or it could show an emotionally sanguine state of mind that I should adopt (however, as a negative it could mean being too laid-back). In other words, I should stay serenely hopeful and avoid getting too excited about the lack of progress. It makes me think of the old Paul Masson wine slogan: “We will sell no wine before its time.” For all practical purposes, esoteric number theory falters after Ten, but Agrippa records the number Twelve as “divine, and that by which the celestials are measured” (meaning the zodiac); to bring it into the realm of common usage, numerological reduction makes it another expression of the Three (1+2=3), reinforcing its beneficial nature.

My fourth roll yielded 19, the Sun, in the “How will it develop?” position. The outlook is entirely encouraging. To look at the underlying reasons for this, I reduced the Sun to its lowest numerological counterpart, the Magician (1+9=10; 1+0=1). This shows that I have the skills and that my destiny is in my own hands. All I have to do is create an opportunity. This combination spells “confidence.” In and of itself, Nineteen has no occult significance that I’m aware of, although qabalistically it relates to the path of Strength (Leo) on the Tree of Life, another optimistic solar reference; as above, it reduces numerologically to One, the number of preparation for a new beginning.

The quint card was the Emperor ([-3]+[-6]+12+19=22; 2+2=4) as “How will it end?” This outcome card suggests that I will become comfortably established at the end of the day. There are three Fire cards in this spread (Sun in Aries; the Sun; and Aries) and only one each of the other elements. The emphasis is on ambition and enthusiasm as the operative principle. I need to get off my backside and make it happen, since all of the omens appear to be fortunate. OK, fair enough. My first step in that direction is to say to anyone reading this: If you’re a New Age shopkeeper in the Greater Portsmouth, NH area and need an on-call tarot reader, drop me a note; I’m almost always available. My second step will be to finally go out and seriously beat the bushes. My third step will be to rethink my position on avoiding on-line readings, but that one is a long shot that my next post will address.

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