When my niece was young she pestered my sister with so many “Why”questions that her mother began simply answering “cuz” (as in “because I say so”). Eventually the youngster started automatically prefacing her questions with “Why-cuz,” skipping the dialogue and answering herself. But this post isn’t about cute family history; I have a bigger fish to fry.

I learned this morning that Jeffrey Epstein died in jail. My first thought was “How convenient for those he might have implicated in his perverted pastimes.” I decided to do a reading using my “Hidden Agenda” spread and the Post-Modern Tarot to ask what the circumstances of his death were. But I’m not going to fully interpret it since I don’t want to wind up, even hypothetically, on somebody’s hit-list. I will leave it up to you to make of it what you will, and will add only general comments.

All images copyright Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY

This spread relies on the highest-ranking, highest-numbered card in the center column to flag which line of “hidden” cards to turn over for the purpose of the reading. Here all of the highlighted cards were reversed, suggesting clandestine circumstances, and the “pointer” card was the Devil (appropriately called “Evil” in this deck). The 2 of TVs reversed (Swords in my method) suggests that this episode wasn’t a “solo flight” (as well as reflecting the failure of surveillance); Evil reversed implies nefarious intent; and Mr. Religion (the Hierophant) reversed shows that the “Old Guard” was scared to death of what Epstein’s testimony might reveal. The quintessence card for the line (I subtract reversed-card values to yield a reversed quint) was Dad (the Emperor) reversed ([-2] + [-15] + [-5] = [-22]; [-2] + [-2] = [-4]. This obviously points to a “big shot” behind the scenes who will almost certainly never be identified. (Looks like he’s furtively exiting stage-right under cover of darkness.) This narrative seems to corroborate the various “conspiracy theories” that have been floating around since Epstein’s first “suicide attempt” earlier in his incarceration.

Although the rest of the vertical cards aren’t a formal part of the reading, they present an interesting story: the 8 of Bottles depicts having a “high ol’ time;” the 4 of Bills suggests being “called to account;” and the Gun Girl reversed looks to me like Epstein’s accusers poised to shoot him down but never getting the chance

“Why-cuz” indeed.

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