The “Skeleton in the Closet” Chain-of-Destiny Spread

I firmly believe that few momentous events in a human life occur in a vacuum, however random or unprecedented they may seem to be. On a personal, interpersonal or trans-personal level, there was almost always something in the past that set the individual up for the experience, whether it was a sin of commission or one of omission and whether it was conscious or subconscious. Even being “in the wrong place at the wrong time” has its antecedent in the decision to go or remain there. Typically, one doesn’t blindly wander into the line of fire; when viewed in hindsight, there were traceable “chains of destiny” leading there. But my objective here is “foresight.”

This is a mixed-media spread (dice and cards) that envisions a causal link conveying its recondite influence from the past into present and future circumstances. Using dice, the process randomly selects from three “hidden” (face-down) cards the past issue that is most urgently in need of resolution if one is to avoid unpleasant consequences, and then randomly chooses the outcome path that offers the most effective way to deal with that issue. The intervening face-up cards provide narrative “connecting tissue” for getting from one to the other over time. This is not a spread for casual inquiry; I see it being used when there is the potential for life-changing circumstances or events to appear on the horizon.

Checkered Past Spread.JPG

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