The “Tale of Two Arcs” Business Dynamic Spread

I enjoy playing with 3D effects in spreads. Sometimes I use layered positions to obtain that perspective, but here I’m opting for visual card size to show rising and falling developments in two contrasting arcs, one that peaks in the middle and the other that hits a mid-cycle trough.

Any start-up business venture faces a range of possible trajectories as it enters the fray. This spread explores two extremes: the “flash-in-the-pan” scenario (rapid rise and equally spectacular fall), and the (not so funny) “comedy of errors” fraught with entrepreneurial missteps. One ends in dismal failure, but the other at least potentially “rights the ship” and sails on to success.

The spread is best used in the same way as electional astrology to pick the most advantageous time to take the plunge: “What will happen if I start my business on April 15th of next year?” If a reading shows discouraging prospects, a different date can be picked and a new spread pulled for that. The only caveat is that the target dates should not be too close together in time, since I don’t think the Universe will “turn on a dime” to cater to the aspirant’s wishes..

I recommend using a different deck for each arc so all cards are available to both. Reversals can also be applied to add nuance to the reading. The idea is to populate each arc separately, looking for which series of cards most closely adheres to the model. Encouraging cards in upbeat positions bode well for success at that particular point, while less fortunate cards in similarly difficult positions offer little hope. The arc that demonstrates the most faithful convergence between the cards and their positions is the one that is most likely to emerge as the actual outcome. A certain amount of judgment can be to brought to bear in assessing the relative potency of any match-up in the overall picture; not every case will be open-and-shut. For example, predominantly neutral cards will have little impact in pushing the verdict one way or the other, while “good” cards in “bad” positions can mitigate their severity and vice-versa for beneficial influences. But the key to interpretation is how well the series follows the arc in general terms; everything else is just tweaking.

Business Dynamic Spread.JPG

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