Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path: A Deck Review

First off, I want to say that I bought this deck by accident. I thought I was getting Francene Hart’s original Sacred Geometry Oracle deck, which has a “Frieda-Harris-synthetic-projective-geometry” vibe to it, and which I hoped to use in combination with the Thoth deck. That said, my first impression is that this deck has charms of its own. It appears to be an elegant blending of unconventional (that is, “non-Mediterranean”) mythology with cultural and spiritual awareness, and it has (and definitely needs) the detailed guidebook that is packed with the cards. In it, Hart states that her purpose was to “translate Spirit into material form,” and at first blush she seems to have succeeded admirably. The artwork is uniformly excellent (if at times anecdotally prosaic) and the subject matter of each card is just unique enough to bring the deck in a cut above the average New-Age-style offering. There are enough conceptual byways to keep it fresh and interesting, and the card titles and keyword meanings add nuance to the mix rather than seeming like obligatory placeholders.

I don’t have any spreads specifically for conducting a “deck interview” with oracle cards. So I decided to use a circular layout, since the circle is the symbol of Infinity, and also of the Divine Feminine which seems to inspire so many decks of this type. As a further ramification, I decided to use my 8-phase “lunation cycle” spread as the basis for interpretation. I will obviously be using the guide book to lean on when reading this spread. Although the book includes reversed meanings, I didn’t allow for reversals here.


In the New Moon position, Card #13, Dolphin Merkaba, has the keywords Joy and Cooperation.  The deck will offer these qualities but will expect me to meet it half-way, with dolphin-like playfulness and energy as well as laughter.

The card in the Waxing Crescent position is Card #51, Healing Waters, with the keywords Flow, Cleansing and Healing. The deck has a strong propensity for cleansing and rejuvenation at all levels. If I give it an opportunity to flower, its insights will be of the “positive reinforcement” variety.

Card No. 7, Trinity, sits in the First Quarter position; its keywords are Triangle: Mother, Father, Child. It indicates receptivity to ancestral and familial commitments. In readings, the deck’s focus will be on peace, harmony and respect, with an emphasis on increasing awareness of and honoring these qualities.

In the Gibbous Moon position, Card # 17, Diamond Mandala, is titled Other Dimensions. It encourages attempting to tap into cosmic forces of evolution through meditation and creative visualization. It proposes the idea of “inner radiance” as a passport to transcendental love, compassion, fulfillment and joy. In the last “increasing light” position of the spread, it promises the same kind of inspiration as the tarot Star. The deck’s visionary testimony will ideally provide a key to unlock these qualities.

The Full Moon position holds Card #29, Mermaid Hearts, and the keyword meanings mirror those of the Dolphin Merkaba: Friendship, Laughter, Play. This apparent coincidence (but maybe not since, as Yoav Ben-Dov was fond of saying, “Everything is a sign”) gives me a very positive feeling about future engagement with this deck. It seems completely open-hearted and invites the reader to be the same.

The Disseminating Moon position (the first “decreasing light” station) contains Card #18, Faces of Angkor, with the keywords Ancient Wisdom. It champions traditional values, which in a reading could mean sticking with something rather than throwing off the traces and bolting. The slowly dimming light implies introspection. From what I’ve seen so far, I don’t expect any curve-balls or left-field surprises from this deck, and this certainly isn’t one.

In the Third Quarter position, Card #28, Piercing the Veil, presents the keywords Self-awareness and Seeking Wisdom. This brings the pursuit of ancient wisdom down to the personal level by turning within to find the way of transcendence. This card and the previous one elevate the tone of the reading quite a bit, making me think this deck will be able to handle weightier subjects.

In the Waning Crescent (aka “Balsamic Moon”) position, Card #27, Purification Meditation, speaks of Purification and Forgiveness. The impression I get from this reading is that the search for wisdom will bring any insights gained back to the crucible of self-rectification, where they will be either validated or dismissed in terms of their value to the goal of personal transformation. The impression I get from this card and the preceding two is that this deck will promote taking the “long view” in any situation.

I find it interesting that in the “waxing” or increasing-light hemisphere of the spread, there is an emphasis on emotional qualities, while in the “waning” half of the cycle the intellectual and spiritual hold sway. Based on the strength of the writing in the guidebook and the compelling images in the cards, this could be the first oracle deck that I actually get on well with. I’m not sure how much use it will be for practical divination, but it definitely inspires me to look within, always a good thing. I’m also not ashamed to say that the $10 off at Amazon helped to convince me; perhaps now I can get the original deck as well.


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