The “Flashing Colors” Tarot/Oracle Lemniscate Spread

I haven’t created many spreads for use with oracle decks (to be honest, except for Lenormand, exactly none). But I know people love their oracle cards, so here is a spread that is intended to blend your favorite tarot and oracle decks into a single comprehensive overview of any situation. It displayed “flashing colors” on my computer screen, but printing it out for scanning grayed them a little. Still, if you don’t choose to mess around with its intricacies by trying to read with it, staring at the colors and patterns long enough will definitely bemuse and entertain the eye.

Flashing Colors Lemniscate Spread.JPG

2 thoughts on “The “Flashing Colors” Tarot/Oracle Lemniscate Spread

  1. I’m happy I found your post! I only have one oracle myself, im generally not too interested in them – and I have been looking for ways to incorporate this oracle in to regular readings for myself.

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    • I keep trying to find more value in them than I have so far. Probably the kindest way I can characterize those I own is that they’re more “atmospheric” than pragmatic for the purpose of divination. They can add “color” to a tarot reading but they are usually lost on me when used alone. (Of course, this doesn’t apply to Lenormand and Kipper, which are technically “oracle decks” that are practical in the extreme.


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