The “Hot-and-Cold Running Commentary” Problem-Solving Spread

Here is an intricate 12-card spread that uses elemental temperaments to determine which course of action will produce the best solution to a problem. The moderate traits of “warm” and “cool” are applied to suggest an integrated approach rather than the absolute qualities of Fire, Water, Air and Earth (which are considered background forces here rather than decisive  contributors). It consists of two input chains of three active and passive cards combined in inverse proportion (2:1 and 1:2), one chain reflecting a “warming trend” and the other a “cooling trend.”  A quintessence card is calculated for each triplet to indicate whether a “warm bias” or a “cool bias” is the favored result of these inputs. The four primary elemental “marker” cards at the corners of the spread can cast their influence on the “bias” cards through Elemental Dignity. An overall “warm” bias works to the querent’s benefit, while a “cool” bias brings disadvantage in most situations (although it can be preferable when a need for discretion is indicated by the associated triplet). The trump-card “quint” for the better option should be read as the action or position the querent would be advised to consider taking.

Hot-and-Cold Commentary Spread.JPG

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