2019 Summer Solstice GT: A Tarot Perspective

The Storks card in my annual Summer Solstice GT (see previous post) implied positive changes in the romantic picture (perhaps involving the “Other Woman,” although I’m not currently seeking one.) But, since the thrust of the reading pointed in a direction that I won’t be actively pursuing, I decided to do a tarot reading to see if I could gain more insight into what other kinds of beneficial progress to anticipate. I used my “Mole’s-Eye View” event-horizon spread with the RWS Centennial Pocket Edition.


All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

All of the cards except the Chariot and Death fell below the horizon and to the left, with the reversals indicating that matters have been “simmering” in my subconscious for some time but have yet to make an appearance in outward circumstances. The man in the 7 of Swords was occupied with his own ambivalent thoughts (he is looking left but stepping to the right), the two Threes were more-or-less drifting in aimless contentment and the 2 of Pentacles was “dancing around” the larger issue while finagling the details. The Hanged Man, whose reversal brings inner awareness to the conscious level, had reason to suspect that something major was brewing but the rest – while somewhat unsettled – did not make much of an impression on daily affairs. Other than the nervous 7 of Swords and the even more “antsy” 2 of Pentacles, they imply benign indifference.

The Chariot is generally seen as a card of forward momentum closing in on victory, but in this context its central figure points straight out of the image, placing it squarely on the meridian between past and future and suggesting one foot in each. The neutral facing of the figure gives the impression of a pressing urge with no immediate outlet. Death, as the only right-facing  (or “future-oriented”) card in the reading, seems to be carrying the triumphant banner of the Chariot onward into an unknown landscape. The indication is one of transformative developments that are still yoked to an assumption of responsibility for one’s actions. Although Death typically indicates finality, here everything is left open-ended; something may in fact be slouching toward an emphatic end but what comes next is anyone’s guess.

Suffice it to say that I didn’t get what I was after from this reading, although it does confirm that important adjustments are just over the horizon. In any event, it looks like retrenchment is coming rather than total departure from the field. There is too much positive energy in the Chariot for it to simply evaporate.

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