An Elemental Dignity “Short Form” Example Reading

As I’ve mentioned before (I know, more than once!), we moved into a newly-constructed home last December and are now working (well, struggling) to get a lawn going. But the tide seems to be turning (I refuse to succumb to that old Bobby Fuller lament, “I fought the lawn and the lawn won”), and now I have to buy some kind of a lawn tractor to mow it (as Stuart Rankin/Mike Myers said about the haggis in the old SNL skit, it’s “not so wee”). This looked like a perfect opportunity to test my new Elemental Dignity spread.

The choice is between two mid-range tractors, a John Deere and a Husqvarna. Both are of high quality and within my price range, so it’s a toss-up. For no particular reason other than that I looked at them first, I picked John Deere as the first option and Husqvarna as the second one. I allowed the Focus Card to turn up randomly, and it was the Ace of Cups. The first triplicity in the spread (“1-F-2”) was the Knight of Cups/Ace of Cups/4 of Cups, and the quint card was the Star. The second triplicity (“3-F-4”) was the High Priestess/Ace of Cups/2 of Swords reversed, and the quint card was the Magician.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

Taken strictly on elemental terms, the first triplicity has three Water cards, and there is also common imagery of a hand dispensing water between the Ace of Cups and the Star. The second triplicity has two Water cards (High Priestess is associated with the Moon) and one Air card; because the High Priestess (+2) and the 2 of Swords rx (-2) cancel one another out in my quintessence system, the quint card (the Magician) echoes the Ace of Cups (+1). Although the second triplicity is neutral elementally and has some thematic commonality, the first one – with all friendly cards of the same suit and an encouraging quint card – is the hands-down winner in this comparison.

Considering the card meanings, it looks like I will be more comfortable with the John Deere (after all, they make a big deal in their hype that the tractor has been “redesigned for improved comfort”). The cards for the Husqvarna, however, suggest that I will have some hard-to-diagnose trouble with it, and will be constantly “fiddling” to get it to perform up to expectations. I will probably have to be a “maintenance wiz” (aka Magician) to keep it running well.

First impressions of this spread is that it’s going to give straightforward answers based on Elemental Dignities, and the number of cards in the reading, with the inclusion of the quint, will be sufficient to provide more specific detail without adding too much complexity to the decision.

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