A Project Management Reading Update: Landscaping Completion

A while back I posted a reading about a landscaping project at our new home that had been delayed since mid-December of last year due to winter weather constraints. It was supposed to be finished by the end of June but didn’t even get started until a week after that. The decision-point in my reading was whether or not to push the contractor to get it done, with the verdict being that I would need to pay close attention while not being too aggressive about it.


To his credit, the landscaper was excellent at excavating and contouring the property, but when it came to the seeding I began to have doubts. He admitted that he’s an excavator and not a lawn expert, and he doesn’t really know the best way to go about it (which was obvious to me from watching him, and the Knight of Pentacles reversed should have told me that as well.) I directed him to stop seeding and we would hire a hydro-seeding firm to finish up. He was OK with that but the builder was irate and called me up to have a shouting match. We wound up asking him to spread the seed anyway but not the straw. and we raked it all in twice to facilitate sprouting, then crossed our fingers (Star).

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

We arrived at the 9 of Pentacles after all and the landscaper was only mildly miffed (Knight of Pentacles rx), while the builder didn’t get a chance to pull any “fast ones” (Lovers rx) that might have produced a less desirable outcome if we had gone ahead and given him his way (Hermit). In fact, the first round of seed is coming in now, and it’s decidedly patchy so over-seeding was appropriate. The advice of the reading turned out to be a good call. The King of Pentacles would probably have meant a workmanlike result, but it would have been a unilateral decision handed down by the builder. I’m much happier with the 9 of Pentacles and a slightly grumpy contractor (whom I took care of with a nice bonus).


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