The Mountain

In 1967, Donovan Leitch recorded a song titled "There Is A Mountain" that reflects at least obliquely on the philosophical detours (and occasional dead-ends) we encounter when attempting to abstract the objective nature of reality to suit our personal belief system. It features the refrain "First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, … Continue reading The Mountain

Who Killed Stacey? – A “Whodunit” Rogue’s Gallery Reading

On Mother's Day in 2009, 41-year-old Stacey Burns of Wolfboro, NH was found stabbed to death in her bed; nobody has ever been charged with the crime, although the investigation is still active. I have a special tarot spread for these circumstances, the "Whodunit Rogue's Gallery Spread," and decided to put this case through it … Continue reading Who Killed Stacey? – A “Whodunit” Rogue’s Gallery Reading