What Happened to Adam? – A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: Adam Camarato was found deceased on the shore of Great Bay in Newington, NH after a three-week search. There was no further information about the cause of death, other than he seemed to be “slightly intoxicated” in surveillance videos the night of his disappearance. No toxicology results had been published as of October 3, 2019, so the prediction of this reading that his health may have been compromised in some way remains unconfirmed.



Early Saturday morning (April 27), 32-year-old Adam Camarato of Eliot, ME went missing in Portsmouth, NH.


I performed my “World of Hurt” missing-person spread to see what I might learn about his present condition. For a male between 25 and 45, I use the Knights for the “Significator pool,” and the first one to appear in this layout was the Knight of Wands in the fourth row with the Page of Wands underlying it. This position is described as “Physically ill or injured (Infirmity or accident),” with the possibility of being disabled or confined. The Knight of Wands can be impulsive, and the Page is even more capricious, so there is a chance Adam inadvertently got himself into something he didn’t expect. I used the Albano-Waite Tarot for this reading, without reversals.

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In the “Will he be found alive?” position, the 4 of Cups shows “Maybe;” the 10 of Pentacles in the “When?” position suggests that it could be some time before his whereabouts is revealed. I’ve learned to distrust the standard timing method for the suits, although I still think that Wands show sooner rather than later, Pentacles indicate significant delay, and Cups and Swords are somewhere in the middle. The numbers on the cards can be more reliable: Ten can mean “ten days, weeks, months or years,” and I would shade this reading toward the longer end, although “years” is unlikely. The passive, negative Water and Earth cards could mean that the outlook is nebulous and the trail could go cold. “Where is he?” is another iffy call with the tarot, but Water and Earth imply concealment.

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