The Double Jeopardy Rite-of-Passage Spread

Just when it looked like I wasn’t going to post today, I’ve come up with another new spread.  We’re all familiar with the phrase “you’re your own worst enemy,” but in this “Age of Empowerment” we don’t see it trotted out very often in tarot practice. My impression is that in this particular paradigm it’s possible to err in two opposite ways: that of excessive pessimism and, conversely, that of unwarranted optimism. The common denominator is usually some kind of anxiety that things won’t turn out the way we want. I created a spread that shows a “middle way” of unimpeded progress, with two “detours” that tempt the seeker to succumb to one or both of the aforementioned behavioral anomalies. I will use this spread in situations involving major life changes that are either just underway or still being contemplated.

Double Jeopardy Spread.JPG

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