“Unto the Breach” Problem-Solving Spread

Most personal-problem scenarios reach a point where things “come to a boil;” we have gained some momentum toward resolution but the opposition is entrenched, so a pitched battle ensues (even if the conflict is only within our own psyche). Some kind of “breach” has to be found (or made) in the wall of resistance that prevents us from moving forward with our intentions.

The idea behind this spread is that our desires (the vertical axis) and various countervailing forces (the horizontal axis – call it the perverse “Will of the Universe”) are on a collision course that meets at “ground zero.” This point expresses the sum of all the influences that have been brought to bear on the problem, so I decided to represent it as the “quintessence” of all six cards that lead up to it. I call this the “Breach Card,” and everything that comes after it – the “mopping up and moving on” – is basically anticlimactic. This card is always a trump card that shows major consequences for the future of the problem, and whether the outlook is encouraging or discouraging.

My thinking is that there are two ways to deal with the energy of this card: let nature take its course and do little or nothing to alter its trajectory (the Passive Branch), or work vigorously with or against its testimony to affect the course of developments (the Active Branch). One of these options should appeal more to the querent’s innate sense of what is right for the occasion, as shown by the card that resonates most strongly with the “Breach Card” and the interceding “Next Step” card. However, care should be taken to ensure that the favored path is in fact salutary and not simply cautionary in its portent.

The layout consists of a triggering input sequence (Cards #1 and #2), two corollary output paths (Cards #7 and #8 or Cards #7 and #9), and four counterpoised “barrier” effects (Cards #3 through #6). The derived quintessence card symbolizes the confluence of the six contributing energies and conveys their likely outfall, which is carried out in one of the two branching output chains. Finding a way to successfully negotiate the “breach” and embark on the next phase of personal growth is the primary aim of this spread.

Unto the Breach Spread.JPG

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