“Knights’ Crossing” – The Marginal Significator

In an earlier post in this series I discussed how to deal with a floating Significator or topic card that appears in the bottom row of the 9×4 layout, such that there aren’t enough cards left in the deck to populate a nine-card square surrounding it. The worst case occurs when it lands in the extreme lower-right corner of the spread since all of the cards have been placed. In general Grand Tableau reading, many people reshuffle the deck and start over when the Significator turns up at the right-hand margin because there are no “future” cards to be read, and if it happens twice they abandon the reading. But in her book The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook, Caitlin Matthews proposes “transposing” a card from the opposite side of the layout to place to the right of the Significator, providing at least a glimpse of developmental progress. I realized that I can use this approach to good effect for my purpose here.

Below is a sample spread in which the Significator (Man) landed in the lower right corner. I was able to use the cards on the table to fill Positions #1, #2 and #4 of the nine-card square, but had none left to complete Positions #3, #6, #7, #8 and #9.


This is where transposition comes into play. With the exception of Card #28 of the 9×4 tableau – the “alpha” card of the Significator’s row – none of the transposed cards would have played a part in the reading, so there is no reason why they shouldn’t be pressed into service. For Position #3 of the square I transposed the unused card from Position # 19 of the tableau (here, the Mountain). I filled Position #6 of the square by moving the Key from tableau Position #28, giving it an urgency in the reading that it would not have had when far away from the Man. Cards #7 and #8 of the square were populated with the cards in Positions #8 and #9 of the tableau. That left Position #9 of the square with no horizontal or vertical mate. To resolve this, I decided to transpose the card from tableau Position #6 (in this case, the Clover) that mirrors this location “on the diagonal.”


This creates a perfectly satisfactory reading array with no damage to the overall picture except the minor alteration to the Significator’s row, which now begins with the Anchor instead of the Key. While the result won’t always be so fitting, I’m delighted with the way this brings the Key into sharper focus; instead of simply mirroring the Man from the distant past, it now interacts directly with him in the immediate future. It reminds me of the Moody Blues album title, Days of Future Passed (or for the younger crowd, the X-Men movie title  Days of Future Past).

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