A Traditional Kipper Tableau: Assange Fallout

This is a tall order for a Kipper novice, but I decided to try the 7×5+1 traditional Kipper tableau, using the spread instructions that came with my deck and a tutorial video I found on Stella Waldvogel’s cartomancy blog.


The question I asked was: What legal and political “fallout” will there be from the US government’s prosecution of Julian Assange? Both political parties are practically foaming at the mouth over the opportunity to get their claws into Assange and wield him as an evidentiary pawn in their assault on the opposing party. I placed Card No. 1, the male Main Person card, in the center of the spread as the Significator to represent Assange.


The first thing I noticed is that the man on the card is facing to his right (the reader’s left), which means that the reading is to be performed from right-to-left in the direction of his gaze. The card to the immediate left of his position is the Living Room, suggesting someplace that the world can’t intrude, and the card above that is the Court, which has me thinking that one is a private prison cell and the other is the authority that will put him there, at least temporarily until the early stages of discovery are done (Small Child + Court). The series High Honors-Court-Significator could mean that a higher court will intervene in the affair. To the left of the Living Room is Theft, implying that he could “get away with something,” or that he will recover whatever he stands to lose as a result of the proceedings against him. Next to Theft is the Good Lord, possibly a senior functionary, bureaucrat or lawyer who will help him become disentangled.

Behind the Significator is the Rich Girl, signifying no worries or cares; to the right of that is the Magistrate, perhaps showing a preliminary hearing that won’t find sufficient cause for arraignment on federal espionage charges. The groundwork for this result will have been laid by the Good Lord, who mirrors the Work card behind the Magistrate. However, unearthing the facts of the matter could either dig Assange out of a hole or bury him in one.

Above the Significator is the Good Lady, who comes bearing good news in the form of the Pleasant Letter above her. This could refer to favorable testimony that could help him put “a lot of distance” between himself and his persecutors (Long Road + Winning – once again, the “money” interpretation doesn’t seem to apply). I’m not sure who this woman might be, unless the card just means “pleasure in every respect” since it is immediately above the Significator. The last card in the draw – the “crossing” card – is the Meeting; in tarot the card in this position can show both a challenge and an opportunity. The Meeting can mean “friends, good luck, harmony,” which carries out the promise of the central column. In a previous reading I mentioned that Assange might strike a favorable deal with prosecutors, a “meeting of the minds” as it were, and that seems to be the essence of what I see here. Both the Meeting and the “Winning” card are master cards, giving them increased importance in the reading.

There are three “woman” cards touching the Significator, but the only woman that would seem to have a stake in all of this is Hilary Clinton, who may be portrayed as the “aggrieved party” in the e-mail theft case. I don’t see Clinton as either the Good Lady (she has no reason to want to help Assange) or the Rich Girl, but she might be represented by the Sad News card impinging on him from behind and below, in which case her influence would be limited. Of course, there are those who would prefer to see her as the False Person, and others who might think of her as the principal female in this drama – Card No. 2, the female Main Person. In either case, it seems she would be on the sidelines here. The “Unexpected Luck” (not “money”) card between the female and male Significators may blunt any legal consequences she might have had for him.

This outlook doesn’t seem half-bad for Assange, since the Death card, the Prison card and the Grief and Adversity card are all behind him. It’s not likely that he will “skate” on all charges, but the preponderance of evidence in the reading seems to favor him drawing a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

This was an arduous effort. Hopefully I will get better and quicker at it as I become more familiar with the Kipper cards.

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