2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Roll-up

I’ve completed all of the readings for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination that I intend to do (the rest of the contenders seem too unlikely to bother with), and will now compare the “Grand Quintessence” cards to see who stands out from the pack.

Bernie Sanders
Grand Quintessence: The Lovers
Verdict: He may represent the emotional favorite for having been sandbagged by the DNC last time around, but he could be too much of a political chameleon (not to mention too far Left) for more realistic Democratic centrists to swallow.

Joe Biden
Grand Quintessence: Death
Verdict: Not a chance.

Kamala Harris
Grand Quintessence: The Lovers
Verdict: Another political chameleon who wants to come across as “all things to all people.” Nobody will be fooled.

Elizabeth Warren
Grand Quintessence: The High Priestess
Verdict: She is a bit too cerebral and remote for the average Democratic voter.

Cory Booker
Grand Quintessence: Death reversed
Verdict: His star will fade as the Convention nears. As T S Eliot said in The Hollow Men, he will end “Not with a bang but a whimper.”

Pete Buttigieg
Grand Quintessence: The Hierophant reversed
Verdict: There will be too much resistance from moderate Democrats.

Beto O’Rourke
Grand Quintessence: The Sun
Verdict: He looks like the front-runner.

Kirsten Gillibrand
Grand Quintessence: The Moon reversed
Verdict: She will be “eclipsed” by other candidates.

Analysis: It seems to me, based on the testimony in the cards, that Beto O’Rourke could run away with the nomination. Among the long-term “insiders,” Bernie Sanders’ moment has probably passed, the rather tepid Joe Biden will no doubt fizzle, and Elizabeth Warren doesn’t really inspire. That leaves the relative newcomers, most of whom seem a little too “green” to win the confidence of Democratic voters. O’Rourke is the exception to the rule as far as these readings go, so my money would be on him if I were a betting man.

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