What Happened To Samuel? – A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: Samuel Gray was found dead near railroad tracks in Dover, NH on Thursday morning, confirming the prediction of this reading.  There were no further details in the updated news article other than that the death did not seem to be suspicious No autopsy results had been published as of October 3, 2019, although Gray was described as having “medical issues” before his disappearance.


Original Post:

Dover, NH police are searching for 62-year-old Samuel Gray, who was last seen on April 2, 2019.


I performed my “World of Hurt” missing-person spread to see what I could learn about his whereabouts and condition. I chose the Kings for the Significator pool to match his age and gender. The deck is the Albano-Waite Tarot, and reversal were not used.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

I shuffled the 16 court cards and dealt them into the Significator column  until the first King appeared. That was the King of Wands in the bin titled “Deceased,” with implications of foul play and concealment. Then I shuffled and dealt the 40 minor cards, one each into the two adjacent positions.

The minor card in the “Will he be found?” position was the 4 of Cups, which has a “Maybe” connotation. Since the assumption for his condition is “deceased,” that verdict would most likely shade over into “Yes.” However, the next card, the 4 of Swords, is another “Maybe” card, and according to the guidance I wrote for this spread, two “Maybe” cards yield no definitive answer; the “definite maybe” scenario. Since the case is so new, that may be all that can be expected at this point. Also, Four is a stable number and, with two of them together, Gray – wherever he is –  probably isn’t going anywhere and should eventually be located with little trouble. The 4 of Swords shows a sarcophagus, so he may be in a local cemetery (or at least “at rest”), and the 4 of Cups suggests that he lingered too long there and may have succumbed to the cold.

The card in the “When will he be found?” position was the 4 of Swords, which means four units of time. Swords generally imply “weeks,” but given the circumstances, this might be construed as “within four days” from the date of this reading. He has already been missing for over a week (although the search didn’t start until April 5th) , which doesn’t bode well for his survival with the recent freezing temperatures.

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